Zemmour claims single parents are a ‘plague’ but ‘for mothers and children’

In 2010, the right-wing extremist candidate raised the idea of ​​abolishing support for single parents. A proposal that he no longer defends today.

We are on April 10, 2010 on I-Télé, which has now become CNews. Extracted in a sequence releaseÉric Zemmour, speaker in the program It is argued, makes a fierce accusation against single parents. “So I know we’re going to scream, but single-parent families are a plague. In the United States, the Republicans under Bush eliminated certain allowances for single mothers, well we’ve seen a surge in marriage! It’s not normal that the state replaces the father, we’ve been doing it for twenty years,” he said at the time.

“I claim single parents are a nuisance”

Given his old statements this Monday on France info, the one who became a candidate for the presidential election 12 years later seemed quite annoyed by the journalists who carried out this confrontation.

“Are you reading my program? So it’s not my project,” he said.

With that, he closes the door on the end of allowances for single mothers and fathers if he should be elected.

But the former journalist has not become an advocate of this family model within a decade.

“I contend that single parents are a nuisance to mothers and children. Women are isolated, they suffer. We have to help them, and also the children,” he said on Monday.

As for his 2010 statements, which he reiterated in a 2013 interview with several EBRA group newspapers, in which he had estimated that women living alone with their children “simply undermined their husband’s dominance through their dependence on state aid , APL and others”, Éric Zemmour estimated on Monday that he “did not intend” to comment on his statements “back then”.

“I’m running for President. So today you have a project, you have a program and you have the candidate’s declarations,” he said.

Willingness to lift the PMA

In a survey published by Insee in 2021, the institute indicated that in France in 2020, 2 million families, or 25% of France’s 8 million, were single parents. That is, “where the children live with only one parent without a cohabiting spouse”.

The same survey found that single-parent families are most affected by precarious living conditions. 23.9% of them live in overcrowded housing and 37.1% in low-rent housing, the highest proportion among all family models surveyed.

On France info this Monday, Éric Zemmour also attacked another family model, denouncing women and couples who resort to medically assisted reproduction (PMA). He promised to repeal that provision, which is now open to single and gay women, because “the child is not an object” and “to have a child you need a father and a mother.”

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