You will climb Mont-Blanc to help two children with Sanfilippo Syndrome

Marion Schiha, a young 26-year-old from Blois, took on a challenge with her companion Nicolas: to climb Mont Blanc from August 15th to 20th. A climb for charity as proceeds go to Eden and Abel, two children with Sanfilippo Syndrome.

“Parents often say they would move mountains for their children, we wanted them rise”. With this in mind, Marion Schiha from Blois and president of the Mont Doudou Blanc association and her companion Nicolas, originally from Montpellier, had the idea of ​​starting the ascent of Mont-Blanc in charity.

The couple wanted to help children in need. She quickly chose two boys from Roanne: Eden, 5 years old, and Abel, 1 year old, both suffer from Sanfilippo syndrome, also known as children’s Alzheimer’s. A rare and incurable neurological disorder that causes cognitive delay and behavioral problems and progresses to multiple disabilities.

“We had heard about them on social media in February, so I decided to contact their mother. A relationship of trust quickly developed between us and her husband, they were super motivated to carry out this project. Her story touched us a lot”. The young parents are about the same age as the two climbers. “This could be us.”

Marion and Nicolas haven’t seen the little family yet, but should meet up before their rise. With this project, they will try to raise 500,000 euros through an online kitty so that children in Lyon can take tests and assess the evolution of their disease. Within two years, they want to receive an additional million euros to benefit from a treatment that is still in the clinical phase, this time in the United States.

In order to collect a maximum of financial or material donations, Marion and Nicolas do not hesitate to ask companies to offer them sponsorship. “In return, we will once raise flags with their logo on the top of Mont Blanc, which we will conclude with a post on our social networks to thank them.” In addition to your guide, director Nicolas Alliot will film your journey to make a short film. Conferences will be designed to mobilize other companies to this cause, and maybe even ” try playing it at festivals”.

The young woman is deputy head of college sports, her partner is a soldier, so physically they are not starting from scratch. “I do at least three workouts a week and my spouse is a military man, so that should do it for me *Laugh* “.

Ultimately, what they fear most is the weather, which can change very quickly in the mountains. . “It’s much more dangerous when it’s raining, so our guide could let us leave two days early and then we wouldn’t even have time to acclimatize. It really is our greatest fear.” The ascent of Mont Blanc is currently scheduled for August 15-20 (acclimatization time included), but until then the young couple will continue their quest to raise funds for Eden and Abel.

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