Words for still active child pain

Cosne Cours sur Loire. General Assembly of Words for Children’s Sorrows. The horizon seems to be brightening for the association Mots pour mals d’enfants, which finds a little clarity and hope after a very special 2020 and a tormented 2021 in which it almost disappeared.

Fortunately, founding President Carole Laforge, after careful consideration, reconsidered her decision and found it disastrous to see her disappear after so many sacrifices. This enabled its fourteenth general assembly to take place in the Villechaud town hall in the presence of several members and elected officials


Carole Laforge envisages “another organization built on new foundations, professional support rather than peer help, so that the full potential acquired by the association can be used to the full”.

The statutes were changed after this meeting in a quick extraordinary general meeting in order to be able to design a new association project in this direction.

Renewed actions

Despite all the uncertainties, 2021 was full of activities: workshops, parents’ evenings, parent training sessions, meetings with families… Supervised by a specialist teacher, homework help has been offered since September. Five digital tablets were purchased thanks to Enedis. Five young people offered their services on a voluntary basis as part of the driver’s license assistance.

Despite monthly fixed costs of €800, the finances are balanced. They were supplemented by subsidies, donations, but also by the fruits of events such as the July flea market, which worked well in the city center.

2022 begins on tiptoe, with the utmost caution. Carole Laforge warns: “Projects that have already been funded or are funded can only take place if they no longer have any financial reserves after these two years.”

Some campaigns are renewed (help with homework, school support from the specialist teacher), others are expanded, such as handisitting (adapted babysitting).

As far as future organizations are concerned, there are only two certainties: Monday, July 18th, the flea market in the city center and Friday, October 21st, the anniversary of the association.

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