Women’s Euroleague: Revenge, family spirit, a smart coach… Gabby Williams lists the ingredients for Sopron

The Final Four of the Women’s Euroleague begins on April 8th. Gabby Williams firmly believes Sopron can claim the title and she has detailed the reasons why.

On the eve of the Women’s Euroleague Final Four, Gabby Williams gave a lengthy interview for the competition’s official website, in which she discusses all the elements that could allow her team Sopron to win the final title. Along with the know-how and experience of more experienced players, a strong defense and the presence of players in great form in the squad, the 25-year-old winger has expressed her desire for revenge after being eliminated in the semi-finals. Last season’s final. A fighting spirit fueled by a whole group that compares them to a large family. But before she even dreams of the title, Gabby Williams knows full well that they have to face Avenida in the semifinals on April 8th.

“It’s a deja vu feeling to find Avenida. I’m someone who loves revenge. It makes me even more excited. The title is accessible to everyone. I feel like we have a big advantage because we have so many players on the team who know how to win. We have players who have been doing this for so long, especially with Sopron. This club has a strong family atmosphere because many players have been here for a long time. It’s usually a sign of a good club when people don’t want to leave. That’s why I stayed for a second year. I think coach Gaspar has a lot to do with that too: he understands us as players and understands what it takes to get a team to the Final Four and we’ve proven that over the last two years. .

Our workouts are also very competitive. And it makes me happy when I see my teammates getting angry in practice. That’s the kind of energy I like to see. Of course everyone likes to win and wants to win. But it’s even more fun when you’re around people who really hate losing. »

On a personal level, Gabby Williams is one of the heart of the Sopron workforce. The France international, who was voted last season’s Euroleague Women’s Defender of the Year, was this time rewarded with a spot on the second All-Stars team, which has averaged 13.4 points, 5.6 rebounds and 3.7 Assists collected. In the same interview, she also confided in how much she continues to grow by participating in this competition.

“This league forces me to develop my game because the competition is very strong. I guess I wasn’t really aware of that before I got involved. I had no idea how much it would take a toll on me mentally and physically. I saw it in college and knew I wanted to play it, but had no idea how much it would force me to grow. Of course I never thought it would be easy, but I never dreamed that my game could improve like that. That shows the level of the Euroleague for women! »

Photo: Gabby Williams (Women’s Euroleague)

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