With Tulistout, Marie-Thérèse has developed her reading method for children and adults

Don’t think of her as a teacher or educational advisor. Marie-Thérèse Le Loir denies this. “I ran a hotel restaurant for thirty years. I would never have had the patience to teach. I admire the school teachers who accompany a class of children in all subjects continuously for whole days. It takes a lot of pedagogy, energy and patience.” So what made Marie-Thérèse spend hours of her retirement designing a reading method?

Logic and common sense

“I have a grandson with a genetic condition that can take longer to learn. As I witnessed the difficulties my daughter faces in this situation, I realized that families who have a child with special needs are alone in their worries. My idea was to create a video and book reading method based on logic and common sense that would allow children to progress at home.”

My method is individual support to walk at your own pace

“Education is complicated for different children; You may need more repetitions. Some are also absent more often. Since it is difficult, if not impossible, for the school to adapt to each profile due to the group spirit, my method is an individual support to go at your own pace.” Marie-Thérèse Le Loir’s Tulistout method matured later two trial runs. She first put together a set of 24 nursery rhymes on video that caught her grandson’s attention. She then made an alphabet learning video for him. “As for the reading method, I have to admit that I was a bit perplexed at first and then everything came to me instinctively.”

Sounds, images, stories, colors

Following the principle of seeing, hearing and doing, the attention of the beginning reader is captured by the animation, in which the letters are assigned to reference words in 43 sessions (six DVDs), e.g [ou] of the cry of the wolf, the [i] Who draws a candle, or who [o] who makes the wheels of the motorcycle. Marie-Thérèse plays with sounds, images, stories and colors and helps children to develop. “I had a lot of fun developing this method. I’m sure it works because it’s logical and common sense.”

I adapted the method for adults, for illiterate people who can learn to read on video at home

La Carnacoise designed everything himself, built the progression, recorded and edited the video sessions, wrote the accompanying book, came up with a logo… “In 2020 I signed up as a freelancer. The Covid has delayed the start of the method, the timing when I deposit my trademark and logo with the Inpi (National Institute of Industrial Property) and the documents with the National Library. Everything is ready today. A digital version is also available and I have adapted the method for adults, for illiterate people who can learn to read on video at home.” The DVD box set and book, for children or adults, are sold for €150. Subscription to the digital method costs €100 online.

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