With “La Vigne de Lucien”, the Reynes family is continuing their tradition

Father and son have been working on making natural wines for three years.

It is 7 a.m. when the bottling truck pulls into the long avenue of plane trees at the entrance to the village of Lieuran-Cabrières. With difficulty, he walks up the main street to 10 avenue de la Serre to position himself in front of the Reynes family’s cellar, which awaits him impatiently for the bottling of his summer wines. The bottles are signed “La Vigne de Lucien”, named after the family patriarch who farmed nearly 50 hectares in the city more than a century ago. Lucien Reynes was also mayor of the village for several decades.

A collaboration with a Chilean oenologist

“La Vigne de Lucien” is above all a family project. It is worn by Lucien Reynes’ grandson, Louis Reynes, and two of his children, Jérôme and Laurent. Together they breathe new life into the family’s winemaking history after several years of farming. That ended three years ago and caused a click.

“It was an opportunity to get back to the family tradition. We dreamed about it without talking about it. At 90, I shouldn’t let the opportunity pass me by.” says Louis Reynes. It was decided to cultivate the vines on a hillside (3 hectares) and entrust the other vines to a young farmer from Peret. “ We decided on a small project to focus on the quality and naturalness of our wines,” explains Jérôme, who lives in Chile eight months a year. He opened several restaurants and worked with the largest wineries in the country.

“In Chile I met the young Chilean oenologist Juan-Pablo Tapia, who studied agronomy in France and specialized in natural approaches to wine. We asked him to guarantee the quality of our wines. He comes to France every year for several weeks to combine the wine-growing tradition of the Hérault with his view of the New World”, continues Jerome.

The oenologist taught the two sons how to manage a plantation, pruning, natural treatments and the entire cycle of wine aging in vats and barrels. Hervé Tabar from Domaine Bellefontaine was also there to help and advise the young company.

And in three years, the family farm Reynes et fils has already bottled two red wine blends (2019 and 2020) from endemic grape varieties: Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre. These wines carry the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) Pays d’Hérault – Coteaux du Salagou. “2022 is the year of the realization of our family project, not yet the year of inauguration. The work will bear fruit ‘ concludes Louis Reynes, who has just received HVE (High Environmental Value) certification for ‘La Vigne de Lucien’. A project that bridges the gap between Hérault and Chile to offer the best of both worlds.

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Lucien’s little press

In March 2022, the family bottles their first rosé wine. “A wine dominated by Grenache but also Cinsault and Syrah. Our rosé was kicked by our daughters, pressed by hand with Lucien’s small press and aged in barrels for six months. It is natural, bright, fruity and long in the mouth, this is the hallmark we are looking for in our wines”, explains Laurent, who commutes back and forth between Lieuran and Paris. In addition to rosé, the Reynes family bottled a summer red. The idea is to offer friends, private individuals and restaurateurs a summer range of light wines. The Sommerrot is a blend of different plots of Grenache vines aged in barrels. In total, more than 2,000 bottles will come out that morning of bottling.

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