Wissembourg’s first Ukrainian refugee baby is born

The Wissembourg (Bas-Rhin) hospital welcomed the first baby born to Ukrainian refugees from the city this Friday, April 1st. His name is Miroslav, a name that owes nothing to chance. It means “peace and glory” in Ukrainian.

Her parents arrived from Brovary, a town, just over three weeks ago with their first two children: their 12-year-old son Nikita and their 6-year-old daughter Anastasia. Last Friday her little brother was born in the hospital in Wissembourg.

Miroslav weighs 3,400 kg. Born by caesarean section, he is in excellent health. His first name means “peace and glory” in Ukrainian: “The first name came to us spontaneously, trusts the young mother of 33 years, Viktoriia Palamarchuk. It’s a symbol of hope.”

Since birth she is slowly recovering: “Every day I feel a little better. I’m happy. I’m fine. The delivery was very quick and we communicated very well with the medical staff. The gynaecologist, the nurses, everyone was very caring. I’m very grateful Them.”

The family thought long and hard before deciding to leave their homeland. But in the end the four left as the birth drew near: “For at least three weeks, we asked ourselves explains Dmytro Kravchenko, Miroslav’s father. There we were afraid all the time, we were no longer alive, we wondered when the next bomb would fall.”

Viktoriia Palamarchuk’s partner was able to leave Ukraine because he is the head of the family with three children under the age of 18. Otherwise he would have had to keep fighting. Her painful journey to Wissembourg lasted ten days. They arrived in the city on March 16. Since then, their first two children have been taught there and enjoy it very much: “They even go to school running, they are so happy!”, says her father. The whole family lives with Viktoriia’s sister and her twins in an apartment borrowed from the Wissembourg hospital.

We want to learn French and try to find work.

Dmytro Kravchenko

Father of little Miroslav

The future ? Still hard to think about: “We don’t know if we’re going to stay here or for how long. We have only just arrived. But we’re starting to project ourselves explicitly Dmytro Kravchenko. We want to learn French and try to find work.” In Brovary he was an interior designer and his partner a real estate agent. They left everything behind.

To celebrate the birth of Miroslav, the congregation put the dishes in the big ones. A Ukrainian cherry tree was planted this Monday, April 4th at 2 p.m. in the Wissembourg Nativity Garden: “It is a cherry tree that will give… yellow cherries, explains Sandra Fischer-Junck, mayor of the municipality. This plantation today represents hope, a better life for her, her family, her children in a free country.” A beautiful symbol.

Despite the hardships and uncertainties, the young parents enjoy their happiness. Easy : “What is happening to us is wonderful. Here we live without stress. We feel safe. And that is enormous.”concludes the young mother.

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