Why does a pregnant woman’s belly turn black?

with dr Tiphaine Beillat, gynaecologist

Pregnancy is a time of multiple upheavals for the mother-to-be’s body. Between hormonal changes, digestive disorders or water retention, there are numerous reasons for an appointment with a gynecologist. Among all these minor problems, the appearance of a brown spot or line on the abdomen can be surprising. The appearance of this brown line is common but not systematic. What does this stain mean? Do we need to worry? We take stock with Dr. Tiphaine Beillat, gynaecologist.

Pregnant, why is there a line on the stomach? Do we need to worry?

If a brown line appears in the middle of your abdomen during pregnancy, the first thing to do is not to worry, as Dr. Tiphaine Beilla explains: “This line that appears on the stomach, from the pubic bone to the breastbone, during pregnancy is called linea nigra. It’s frequent and quiet benignso don’t worry at all! The reason for this is the increased production ofmelanotropic hormone, secreted by the placenta. Its brown color is linked to melanin, the pigment that determines the color of our skin but also of our eyes and hair.

Face and nipple masks for pregnancy

Besides that famous brown line during pregnancy, the hormonal upheaval can also cause other changes in skin pigmentation. This is especially true of the pregnancy mask, also called chloasma, which appears occasionally. This results in a large brown spot on the face (on the forehead and cheekbones). In addition to the pregnancy mask, this change in skin pigmentation can also promote darkening of the nipples (areola), freckles, and birthmarks. As with the brown line, these color changes are harmless during pregnancy. But they can be difficult for the expectant mother to live with, especially the pregnancy mask.

Linea nigra: When does this brown line appear on the lower abdomen (at the beginning or at the end of pregnancy)?

So, that brown line that appears on the tummy during pregnancy is harmless, but when exactly does it appear? Difficult to say, explains De Tiphaine Beillat: “The linea nigra can occur anytime during pregnancy, with hormones being produced during the nine months. On the other hand, depending on the color of the skin, this line is more or less visible. This line is often very inconspicuous in light-skinned pregnant women, while the linea nigra is more prominent in dark-skinned people.”

When that brown line appears on your stomach, how long will it go away? You’ll have to wait a while, summarizes Dr. Tiphaine Beillat together: “The linea nigra can persist throughout pregnancy or even afterwards. Some women therefore keep that brown spot on their stomach for a few weeks after giving birth or even several months.” However, rest assured that it will eventually fade and then disappear completely. So how, for aesthetic reasons, make this brown line as invisible as possible? “It is important to make the leash as light as possible on the abdomen Protect yourself from sun exposure as much as possible “, explains Dr. Beilat. In summer, don’t hesitate to cover yourself with sunscreen (SPF 50+) to limit the risk of brown spots related to exposure.

Black spot on pregnant woman’s belly: sign for girls or boys?

Before the ultrasound, all means were good to give an opinion on the sex of the future baby. Among the legends, the Linea nigra held a special place. So if the brown line went beyond the navel, it meant the unborn child would be a little girl. Otherwise the future baby would be a little boy. If this prognosis isn’t based on science at all, it could spark conversations in your family! With an unchangeable prognosis guarantee at the end: a chance of one in two!

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