Why do women no longer want people to talk about “miscarriages”?


  • In 2022, one in four pregnancies will end with a natural termination within the first five months. Every year, 200,000 French women undergo this ordeal.
  • The petition started by the collective has already collected almost 7,000 signatures.

“Having a miscarriage”. This formulation is used to induce premature termination of pregnancy before the 22nd week of amenorrhea, the date of fetal viability. Recently, in a column published in , a collective called “Miscarriage, True Experience” called for the term to be abandoned The world27th of March.

“Natural termination of pregnancy” instead of “miscarriage”

“Let’s put an end to the phrase ‘miscarry’ that makes you feel guilty and invisible. Because nothing is false and everything is true. Because we don’t ‘have miscarriages’, we suffer them. And those words weigh our thoughts, dictate our thoughts, and influence our actions. Let’s talk about ‘natural abortion’. Because that’s what it’s all about and what we experience in our body,” wrote the dedicated women’s group. The authors of this forum pointed out that for many women, this natural termination of pregnancy was a traumatic event that affected their physical and mental health.

“A lot of thought has gone into the term miscarriage. Its appeal is meant to be an expression understood by all, but it remains problematic in many ways. Just the phrase ‘having a miscarriage’ is as if it were a voluntary act,” declares to Huffington PostSandra Lorenzo, journalist, author of Miscarriage Like No Other and forum signatory.

The measures proposed by the collective for better care

The collective stated that they wanted to break the taboo on premature abortion so that women could benefit from better care. To this end, the members of the group propose several measures. These include setting up a national multimedia information campaign. The signatories also call for the introduction of a 100% paid sick leave of at least three days for women who have undergone natural abortion and their spouses.

The collective also calls for the establishment of training courses for midwives and obstetricians-gynaecologists. “To undergo a natural abortion is still too often to be confronted with a naturopath who tells us the event is ‘mundane’ without recognizing its absolute uniqueness, that ‘nature actually made it’ that sent home without explanation or follow-up to stop expelling our embryo to the toilet”, we can read in the petition started by the group.

These committed women also want an increase in hospital budgets for better management of abortion. Another measure: the integration of natural abortion education into SVT programs and sex education courses starting in college. “Providing a brochure on natural abortion in all birth centres, PMIs and practices of general practitioners, midwives and gynecologists” is also claimed by the collective.

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