Who killed Malva and who is her baby’s father? Our theory

I was just two keystrokes away from writing a very vicious article to tell you all how much I hated Malva Christie, one of the new characters in season 6 ofstranger, currently streaming on Netflix. Since his arrival in stranger with his father Tom, a former enemy of Jamie’s during their time in prison, and his brother Allan (played by a former actor of Versailles), Malva never filled me with confidence. Underneath her appearance as a little girl, I quickly got the feeling at first that she was hiding dark secrets. But I was far from realizing how Machiavellian she was! Yes, okay, she has very extenuating circumstances, and most importantly one: her father, an extremely tough man who beats her regularly. So I was about to vent my grudge against Malva when she was brutally murdered at the end of episode 6. After an entire episode of Malva accusing Jamie of being the father of her child, she cast doubt on Claire’s mind and brought her to shame on the Fraser family, the young girl is found with her throat cut. In the Fraser’s garden. Claire makes the macabre discovery and unsuccessfully performs an emergency caesarean in hopes of saving her baby. Black screen, credits… But who killed Malva? Here are my theories on the matter.

stranger Season 6: Was Malva killed by her baby’s father?

Let’s start with the obvious: it can’t be Claire (although she was dreaming about it a few minutes ago), nor Jamie, any more than the latter can be the father of her child! No, no and no! Claire believed him when he denied it, and we know him better after all these years, don’t we? Nor can it be young Ian, who previously confessed to his aunt that he once slept with the girl. What if the killer and the baby’s father were the same person? Who could it be?

stranger Season 6: Did Tom Christie Kill His Daughter Malva?

If Malva appears to have dated several men, it seems unlikely that the authors will pinpoint an unknown culprit among the residents of the Ridge. I think we need to look for the assassin (and father) much closer to Malva, namely: either his father or his brother. We already know that Tom used to hit his daughter, thinking her a nobody because he no doubt thought she was like her mother, whom Malva told Ian was hanged as a witch. Also, as Claire was quick to point out, Tom might have doubts about Malva’s paternity. If he thought Malva wasn’t his daughter, did he rape the young woman? However, he seemed genuinely surprised when Malva accused Jamie of being the father of her child like he had no idea what she was up to. Tom therefore, unlike his son Allan, does not seem to me to be the culprit for a number of reasons.

stranger Season 6: Why am I convinced Allan killed Malva!

Ever since the Christies arrived at the Ridge, my opinion of Malva has been the same as that of Allan: distrust! The young man also quickly proved that he could fly over a corpse… And the figure hasn’t been much exploited yet. What if Allan, who we don’t know much about, fell in love with his sister? to At the end of Episode 6, when Claire comes to Malva to try and reason with her, she seems about to break down and tell her the truth. Then Allan shows up and Malva suddenly changes his mind. This could prove that Allan was in fact his executioner! HAScould he have murdered his sister if she had gone to the Fraser house to finally tell the truth? That’s the theory I’m leaning towards, even though we suspect Episode 7 of Season 6 ofstranger, which we unfortunately have to wait for as it’s being delayed on Netflix, will blame Claire, who finds herself in front of Malva’s body, knife in hand, and her dead baby in her arms. A cliffhanger that could change everything for the Frasers for the rest of the season!

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