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Ever since Malva’s arrival on Fraser’s Ridge in Season 6 of the historical series Outlander, the character has intrigued viewers. Her questions about intimacy, Claire and Jamie’s doubts about their real father, and the amorous charm she wields make her a mysterious and intriguing character.

In the sixth episode of season 6, Malva reveals that she is pregnant with Jamie’s baby, which stuns everyone in the colony. Meanwhile, Roger doubts Henderson and young Ian himself doubts the identity of Malva’s baby’s father. If you can’t wait to find out who the real father is, read the rest of the article, but watch out for spoilers!

Who is the father of Malva’s baby?

In episode 6 of season 6, Tom Christie visits Jamie and Claire with Malva and Allan. When Jamie asks the reason for the unexpected visit, Tom asks Malva to answer. Malva says she is pregnant with Jamie’s baby after having a consensual sexual affair with the Lord of House Fraser while Claire was gravely ill.

As evidence, Malva also reveals the locations of Jamie’s scars and body marks.

Despite Jamie believing his revelation to be a lie, Tom asks him to take care of Malva and her child. The news stuns young Ian, who goes to Claire and reveals that he may be the father of Malva’s baby as he was once intimate with her.

Roger, on the other hand, doubts Henderson. He remembers the day he met Malva and Henderson together at church and fell in love. However, none of these individuals is the true father of Malva’s baby.

According to The Guns of Freedom, the Season 6 source novel, Allan Christie is the one who got Malva pregnant.

Allan is Malva’s half-brother as his father is Edgar, brother of Allan’s father Tom Christie. He repeatedly assaulted his half-sister, got her pregnant and then tricked her into telling the lie that Jamie is the father of her baby.

In the novel, Malva accuses Jamie of getting her pregnant in order to find a safe haven and responsible father for her child. She knows that Allan cannot and will not step forward and take care of her. Though she believes her accusation will benefit her, the guilt of lying eventually overwhelms her. She decides to tell Claire the truth about her pregnancy, threatening Allan.

Before Malva manages to meet Claire or Jamie to tell them that their brother is responsible for their pregnancy, Allan kills them and leaves the body in the grounds of Jamie and Claire’s house. With Malva’s death, her baby also dies.

Malva witnessed Jamie and Claire having sex for her to reveal Jamie’s identifying marks. She uses this knowledge to prove the lie to Tom Christie and others that Jamie is in fact the father of her baby. Though her and Allan’s plan works to convince the ridge’s settlers, Malva grows weary of holding on to the lie, which eventually costs her her life.

In future episodes, we can expect the impact of Malva’s pregnancy and eventual death on Jamie and Claire’s lives before they find out the truth.

In “The Guns of Freedom”, Allan confesses to Claire that he got Malva pregnant and killed her. However, her confession comes extremely late as Malva’s death makes Claire’s life miserable and rewrites the fate of her father, Tom Christie.

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