Who are the members of Vladimir Putin’s blended family?

Despite the secrecy surrounding it, Vladimir Putin’s family is one of the most popular topics in the media. Who are the members of this family?

Current partner of Vladimir Putin, former rhythmic gymnast Alina Kabaevaa bona fide Russian media and sports mogul is said to be staying at a Swiss villa with his children Times and the New York Post. Among these children we can probably find the one she gave birth to in Lugano, Switzerland, in 2015 and the two slightly younger boys with whom she has already been photographed. It is believed that all of these children are those of Alina Kabaeva and Vladimir Putin.

One thing remains uncertain: the exact number of children the Russian president had with the former gymnast. Regardless of the number of children, however, it makes sense that Alina Kabaeva should reduce her media visibility while the war in Ukraine rages on, and it’s all part of Vladimir Putin’s strategy.

Given that the former gymnast is currently in Russia, it would have been logical for her to reinforce this media invisibility by going there with her children to avoid the consequences of the war, namely the political and public debate , causing anger in all Western countries . On March 20, the Swiss authorities announced that, according to them, Alina Kabaeva was not in the country.

But that doesn’t mean she wasn’t there on March 7th. Be that as it may, the occasional presence of Alina Kabaeva in the supposedly neutral Alpine country has been the subject of considerable scrutiny and debate since Vladimir Putin launched the war in Ukraine on February 28. Also, Alina Kabaeva will face new problems if she decides to take a break in Switzerland. It was not reported that the former gymnast returned to Russia. As with many topics about and around her, opacity is king.

The last timeElizaveta Vladimirovna Krivonogikh gave a sign of life, it said on Instagram. About 19 years old and the alleged illegitimate daughter of Vladimir Putin and Svetlana KrivonogichElizaveta Vladimirovna Krivonogikh, former housekeeper and current business tycoon in Saint Petersburg (also co-owner of a ski resort and minority shareholder of Rossiya Bank), has taken on dozens of trolls on her Instagram account. The young woman, who is both a fashionista and a student, also followed online last year Alexei Navalnya Russian opposition figure currently in prison, which surprised the team of Russian journalists Проект (literally “project”), who originally discovered Elizaveta during their 2020 and 2021 reports on the connections between Svetlana Krivonogikh and Vladimir Poutine.

The President of Russia has yet to publicly acknowledge Elizaveta Vladimirovna Krivonogikh as his daughter, and she has never acknowledged him as her father. In the months leading up to the invasion of Ukraine, Elizaveta Vladimirovna Krivonogikh publicly admitted that she looked a bit like him. His Russian surname “Vladirovna” is the feminization of the name Vladimir and thus pours grist into the mill of the family ties. The young woman does not deny the claims one way or another. She just goes about her life.

The Instagram account of Elizaveta Vladimirovna Krivonogikh shows the life of a kind of Barbie doll in her late teens, living on her family’s money and shopping with her mother in London or Paris. The young woman, who wears many outfits by Italian and French designers, seems to want to become an influencer. However, one small detail is a reminder of his patriotism: on the right back pocket of one of his jeans, the Russian double-headed eagle is embroidered, a centenary tsarist emblem that Vladimir Putin himself is particularly fond of.

Elizaveta’s alleged dad wouldn’t have appreciated her little antics on Instagram. Apparently he prefers to build some kind of black box, carefully isolating all family details, KGB-esque. In addition, the one much-quoted statement on this subject gives rise to an ominous shudder in retrospect: “I have a private life that I don’t allow myself to get involved in. It has to be respected. I’ve always reacted negatively to those who interfere in the lives of others with snotty noses and their erotic fantasies.”

The fate of Elizaveta Vladimirovna Krivonogikh’s Instagram account is revealing. Whether on the advice, on behalf of or on her own initiative, the young woman has not published since last October, but she has not closed it. It was most likely a coincidence, but a notable coincidence: the Instagram posts of the alleged daughter of Vladimir Putin stopped exactly at the moment when preparations for the invasion of Ukraine began in earnest.

Like many of her generation in Russia, Elizaveta will now struggle to find another social network to showcase her new luxury purchases. However, the young woman and her mother have already appeared on a bigger platform than Instagram. In his February 2021 documentary on Vladimir Putin’s private life, Alexei Navalny himself singled out the socially and financially nimble Elizaveta and her mother Svetlana, as well as Vladimir Putin’s alleged current girlfriend. The documentary titled Putin’s Palace: The Story of the World’s Greatest Bribe (literally Putin’s Palace: The Story of the World’s Greatest Bribe) traces the construction of the Russian President’s support network.

When the war in Ukraine began on February 23, Vladimir Putin’s alleged daughter kept her Instagram account. She survived exactly one week of war and now seems to have finally succumbed to reality. While the daughter of a well-educated, old-school ex-KGB officer may have been forced to use a codename on Instagram by her alleged father’s current extreme notoriety, “Luiza Reznovo” is no more. . But Elizaveta Vladimirovna Krivonogikh is definitely doing well in St. Petersburg.

Article translated by Forbes US – Author: Guy Martin

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