Which model do you choose for your baby or child?

His child’s safety is a priority and until he’s 10 years old, the car seat is his best friend to protect. Without them, your child is exposed to all kinds of shocks.

Choose a car seat a difficult choice for your child: which seat format, which model for age, weight or height, which comfort, which road safety regulations, etc. The safety of children is of the utmost importance and the choice is difficult. Our guide therefore answers the most important questions on the subject. We also chose Top 10 models so that your offspring can travel safely.

Which child seat at what age?

  • platform (from birth to 6 months): It is a very comfortable bassinet for babies, but bulky as it occupies 2 rear seats. It is more than a car seat, because it can also be used as an extra bed in places other than in the car. It is a model that is more limited in terms of security since it is difficult to repair. The baby bath is intended for children up to 10 kg, it belongs to seating group 0.
  • Cozy baby (from birth to about 15 months): This is a car seat where the child sits in a semi-reclining position, it can only be used for the car. The Cozy is the system that offers the greatest security thanks to its format and the fact that it is positioned rear-facing. It is a model for children up to 13 kg (group 0+ seats).
  • child car seat (from 6 months to 4 years): This is the best known and most used model, the classic car seat that can be placed backwards or facing the road. There are progressive car seats that adapt to the child’s growth, it is a profitable investment in the long term, but it will be less suitable for every age group. This type of seat is suitable for children from 9 to 18 kg (group 1 seats).
  • booster (from 3 to 12 years): Before a child measures 150 cm, they cannot be properly restrained with the seat belt, which is why installing a booster seat is essential. The child is raised a few centimeters, which allows the harness to position itself well and protect the child. The booster seat is suitable for children who are between 15 and 36 kg or between 95 and 150 cm tall (these are seating groups 2 and 3).

how to choose it

  • Weight and height: these are the number 1 criteria for avoiding shocks. A car seat must be perfectly adapted to your child’s morphology.
  • The seat quality : simply by getting to know crash tests. Before being marketed, the seats are tested and evaluated for their effectiveness in various, very realistic situations.
  • seating comfort : A child spends dozens of hours in a car seat, so it is important that they feel comfortable and not in pain. Some models swivel or tilt for a better ride.
  • Car Seat Compatibility : Depending on the year of manufacture of the vehicle, it may or may not be equipped with the ISOFIX attachment system and this will determine which model of car seat is purchased. It is important to choose a seat that is easy to install.

Which fastening system to choose?

  • seat belts : It is the most used and simplest system to fix a car seat, it is compatible with all models. However, there is a risk that the seat is not perfectly fixed.
  • Fixation ISOFIX : This is a mandatory system for all cars released after 2011. It ensures a perfectly safe installation of the car seat thanks to 3 anchoring points.

What’s the price ?

baby car seat group 0 80 to 300€
Group 0-1 60 to 500€
Group 1 100 to 500€
child car seat Group 1-2-3 70 to 500€
Group 2-3 70 to 500€
group 3 30 to 200€
Other car seats Rotating car seat 150 to 400€
Convertible car seat 80 to 500€

What are the regulations?

French and European regulations ensure adequate protection for the child in the event of an accident. In France, a child under the age of 10 must be secured with an approved restraint system when driving a car.

The ECE R44 regulation classifies car seats according to the weight of the child.

Approved to ECE R44/04 regulation

group 0 Group 0+ Group 1 group 2 group 3
birth-10kg birth-13kg 9-18kg 15-25kg 22-36kg

The new R129 or i-Size regulation has been the new European standard since 2013, reforming the safety requirements. The classification of car seats is now based on the size of the children.

Approved according to ECE R 129 regulation

group 0 Group 0+ Group 1 group 2 group 3
Birth-78cm Birth-85cm 60-95cm 95-150cm 115-150cm

Most of the new seats are i-Size approved, but it is not mandatory to buy a seat approved under this new regulation. The two classifications will coexist for a few more years.

The best car seats on the market

For all ages :

Siege wagon Lionelo Bastiaan

  • Category : 0+/1/2/3
  • Weight : 0 to 36kg
  • Regulations : ECE R44/04
  • fixation : ISOFIX and top tether
  • Points Fortresses: 360° reclining and side-swivel seat. It can be installed rearward or facing the street. The headrest can be adjusted to 7 different heights. Dry seat fabric, removable and machine washable.

Cybex Pallas B-Fix car seat

  • category : 1/2/3
  • Weight : 9 to 36 kg
  • regulations :
  • fixation : locking system
  • Points cont : It is an ultra-light model that adapts easily thanks to its adjustable backrest. It has the LSP system to protect the child from bumps.

The high end:

Baby Safe shell car seat

  • Category : 0+
  • Weight : up to 13kg.
  • Regulations : R129
  • fixation : Base ISOFIX
  • Points Fortresses: Its swivel mode is very convenient for a child’s installation. Its ergonomics have been designed for the comfort of the child: guarantee a flat back while driving. Its side protection has been validated by the ADAC test.

Siege Auto Sirona SX2 i-Size

  • Category : 1
  • Weight : 9-18kg
  • Regulations : R129
  • fixation : Isofix
  • Points Fortresses: It is a model known for its extreme safety, it has an advanced protection system in case of side impact. Its shell guarantees maximum comfort for the child.

For the older ones:

Joie Trillo LX car seat

  • Category : 2/3
  • Weight : 15 to 36 kg
  • Regulations : ECE R44/04
  • fixation : Seat belt and/or ISOSAFE
  • Points Fortresses: It has side protections, it’s very good value for money. It has better stability with Isosafe technology.

Joie Trillo Shield car seat

  • Category : 1/2/3
  • Weight : 9 to 36 kg
  • Regulations : ECE R44/04
  • fixation : ISOSAFE
  • Points Fortresses: Thanks to the 7 available positions of the headrest and the memory foam pillow, the child can settle in perfectly. It is protected thanks to the reinforced side protections at head and body height.

For the little ones:

Siege auto Cybex Aton M i size

  • Category : 0 / 0+
  • Weight : up to 13kg
  • Regulations : i size R129
  • fixation : automatic 3-point belt
  • Points Fortresses: The detachable reducer guarantees a flat back for the little ones. It is equipped with the LSP system for shock absorption and the modular system M-Line.

Joie Spin 360 car seat

  • category : 0+/1
  • Weight : up to 18 kg
  • regulations : ECE R44/04
  • fixation : 5-point harness
  • Points cont : With the 6 adjustable positions of the headrest and the 10 possible inclinations of the seat, the child will be perfectly installed for the longest journeys. The seat rotates, making it easier to seat your baby.

The first prizes

Win auto Safety 1st Road Safe

  • Category : 2/3
  • Weight : 15 to 36 kg
  • Regulations : R44 / 04
  • fixation : seat belt
  • Points Fortresses: It is equipped with an adjustable headrest and an adjustable backrest for the comfort of the child. The cover is washable.

Nania Beline car seat

  • category : 0/1/2
  • Weight : up to 25 kg in the direction of travel and up to 10 kg in the direction of travel
  • regulations : ECE R44/04
  • fixation : 5-point harness
  • Points Fortresses: This model has reducers specially made for newborns, that is, they will be protected from impacts as much as possible. The seat is removable and hand washable.
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