Which children can I include on my tax return?

It’s time to declare income for 2021. In many families, the mystery is which children can be linked to the explanation. Answers.

Income tax is calculated by dividing the household’s taxable income by a number of tax components. This mechanism is called the family quotient. The taxpayer therefore has an interest in increasing the number of shares in order to pay less tax. One of the best ways to do this is to add loved ones to your statement.

Children are the most common relatives. It is possible to attach them to his declaration in various ways in order to receive additional shares. In tax jargon it is necessary to distinguish between legal and attachment dependents.

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Responsible for rights

These are minor children of the taxpayer, whether they are married, adopted or foster children. For the latter, they must inevitably live under the taxpayer’s roof and the taxpayer must prove that he actually supports them. Disabled children are also legally dependent regardless of their age.. The concept of disability at issue here is assessed on a case-by-case basis depending on the circumstances. It is not necessary for the child in question to have a disability card, which is only issued to people with a disability of at least 80%. A child cannot have this card and still be disabled.

All of these dependent children must be registered Case F the tax return if they are in sole or main custody, or in case h if they live in shared accommodation or shared accommodation. You must enter the number of children and then their years of birth.

If a dependent child has a disability certificate, this must also be stated in case g (sole custody) or in Case I (alternative custody) to receive an additional half for each affected child. It should be noted that a child who dies or is born lifeless in the year of his birth is liable as soon as he has an existence in the registry office.

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Dependents by attachment

The taxpayer’s adult children may request to be attached to their parent’s (or one parent’s) declaration if they are under the age of 21 on January 1 of the tax year (25 if they are studying or pursuing an apprenticeship). . An attachment is also possible if the adult child is married, lives in a registered civil partnership or has a dependent child himself. In this very rare case, the taxpayer does not receive any additional shares, but a special deduction.

My child turned 18 in 2021, what should I do?

In another special case, a child coming of age in 2021 may be automatically counted as a dependent (Field F or H) from his parents. In this case you must add his income to yours on the declaration. If the child no longer wishes to be of legal age, their eventual income for 2021 must be added to that of their parents up to the time of their coming of age on their declaration and the child themselves must submit an income declaration for the period from their anniversary date at the end of 2021.

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