when the pregnancy is too late

Endometriosis is often associated with infertility. Does this apply to all patients?

“Endometriosis is one of the first causes of infertility, but it doesn’t necessarily cause infertility. In addition, infertility does not mean not having children, but rather difficulties in reproducing naturally. Most “endometriosis” patients can even become pregnant spontaneously. Others may need surgery or medically assisted reproduction. In most cases, women will be satisfied her desire for a pregnancy is spontaneous, or by medical and/or surgical management. But we know that with endometriosis, the likelihood of reproduction decreases: the more severe the pathology, the more fertility decreases. »

What makes a pregnancy project difficult?

“Infertility in endometriosis is multifactorial. The pathology leads to inflammation, reduces the probability of implantation of the embryo and the quality of the oocytes. Endometriosis has sperm toxicity and can have an impact. In addition, pain and dyspareunia (pain during sex) can reduce the frequency of sexual intercourse. The paradox is that hormone treatment is effective in treating symptoms but will not allow you to conceive, and if treatment is stopped to plan pregnancy, symptoms may recur. »

“It is estimated that among infertile women there are between 25 and 50% carriers of endometriosis.”

How Much Infertility Is Due To Endometriosis?

“It is believed that among infertile women there are between 25 and 50% carriers of endometriosis. The numbers are widely used in the medical literature because they depend on how you diagnose endometriosis and what population you study. Treatment is case by case: based on the patient’s age, whether she has had children before, the type and stage of endometriosis, whether it is symptomatic, whether she has other causes of infertility – her or her spouse – and whether she already has was operated on… The cases are discussed in medically assisted procreation committees or in multidisciplinary endometriosis consultations (RCP). suggest the best strategy for each patient. »

Sometimes you have to undergo medically assisted reproduction.
Sometimes you have to undergo medically assisted reproduction. -AFP

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