when our children’s games become treasures

On April 7th, the Bordeaux Quinconces auction house sells comics, Pokémon cards and other items from our childhood at exorbitant prices. A juicy market that attracts many collectors.

By opening the door of the sale of the Hotel des Quinconces in Bordeaux, we make a journey through time. Comic strips about the adventures of Tintin, Mickey’s diary, toy cars, Pokémon cards…For all generations, it is a part of our childhood that is offered to us.

Because who As you would have thought, our children’s games turn out to be true little treasures. On April 7th, the Quinconces auction house is organizing an auction dedicated to these famous objects that have become the target of collectors.

Specifically, a set of the first 102 Pokémon cards, released in 1999, is for sale. Starting price €7,000, “It’s a simple estimate, it’s the bidding game, it will go up more! » lance Smile, lollipop wicksAuctioneer’s employee.

How can such ordinary objects be sold at such prices? Would we all have fortunes in our attics? Not obvious because everything depends on them Natural reserve”,These are things that we all had at home and that we all used, so it’s not easy to have them in good condition.” explains Karl Courauthe head of studies.

Isn’t it enough to throw nothing away? Complicated, as Charles recalls Courau, “Storage is expensive. People have never thrown as much as they do today, leading to scarcity. »

Those who have the luxury of power Keep things, maybe have tomorrow’s treasure.

Charles Courau, head of studies at the Quinconces auction house

France 3 Aquitaine

Jacky Richard has come to sell his collection of Tintin albums, he is parting with them nostalgia “Cis full of memories” He is touched, looks at the blankets. If he sold, it is better to start a new collection of cards Pokemon with Thymaël son five year old son.

He hopes for 4,000 to 6,000 euros. But one thing is for sure “There will not be enough Tintin to buy all Pokémon cards” Coward he and his son both marveled at the arrangement of the cards in the case.

Because that also makes this market attractive, “These are objects that we are happy to pass on to future generations and that creates enthusiasm” analyzes the director of the auction room.

How high will the bids be? Respond on April 7th at the Bordeaux Quinconces auction house during this first auction dedicated to pop culture.

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