What will the new timetables in Quimper schools look like? -Quimper

The lunch break is extended by 15 minutes: TRUE

Since 2015, the lunch break has been shortened by a quarter of an hour after the transition to a four-day week. “When I got my job as a parenting assistant, there was a file at the top of the pile. In the interests of the children, the staff asked that this quarter of an hour be made up.” The pandemic with the health protocol has not helped matters. “During the meal, city staff felt they were force-feeding the children, walking too fast, and not being able to take their time.” The entire educational community was in agreement, school principals, teachers, National Education Educational Advisors, city officials, even children . All trades agreed on this same observation. So we validated this decision in the municipal office. The council will not vote on it. The lunch break is therefore from 11:45 a.m. to 1:35 p.m. instead of 1:20 p.m. today.

Parents are invited to give their opinion: TRUE

If the issue of extending the lunch break is indeed resolved, it remains to be seen how this extra quarter of an hour will be passed on. “The question of schedules has not been decided. That’s why we wanted to consult the parents with this questionnaire”, specifies the educational assistant. Remember that this survey asks parents whether they would prefer their child to start school 15 minutes earlier or finish school 15 minutes later? “Ultimately, and especially given the results of the poll, Ms. Assih will decide. But the opinion of the parents is taken into account! »

Parents have time to answer: ARTS

This questionnaire, sent by email on Friday April 9th, will be analyzed after the Easter holidays. Parents therefore have 15 days to give their opinion, i.e. until April 24th. “At the moment (Tuesday, April 12) we don’t necessarily have a lot of feedback,” laments Laurence Vignon. “We will then inform the families of the result.”

After that, we know that not all parents will answer. We have no illusions about that.

The survey was sent to all parents: TRUE

“We collected all the emails we had from the parents and sent them our survey,” argues Laurence Vignon. Work made easier by the pandemic and emailing homework during confinement. The directors of the Quimper schools thus have all the contact details of the parents of the pupils. “Afterwards we know that not all parents will answer. We have no illusions about that.”

This has financial consequences for the city: ARTS

“No, it’s just a change in working hours without any financial consequences.”

Effects on school bus traffic: ARTS

“No, because the Qub bus timetables are not linked to those of the schools. It’s not like a rural town. So there will be no repercussions,” says the assistant.

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