what should I give him beforehand during the trip?

Motion sickness is the child it is common! What to do to alleviate it? Should he eat before he leaves or not? What to do while driving if he doesn’t feel well? Give him a dry cake? Which drugs? Consultation with Dr. Edwige Antier, paediatrician.

Why is my child’s car sick?

motion sickness results from the brain receiving conflicting information from vision, the inner ear and receptors in the muscles.Around the age of two, the child sensitive to motion sickness will be able to express: he turns pale; cries, wriggles, complains of abdominal pain, drooling, vomiting, complains of headaches…But in reality, parents will often have noticed early on that the Baby cried as soon as they put him in the car informs Dr. Edwig Antier.

What medication to give before the trip?

“There are effective drugs that block information in the digestive tract, and relieves nausea and vomiting. you have to give them about half an hour before departure‘ says the pediatrician. First-generation H₁ antihistamines (Nautamine®, Mercalm®, Nausicalm®, Agyrax®) have an antiemetic effect. These medicines, which come in the form of tablets or syrup, are available without a prescription but depending on age and contraindications It is recommended to ask the doctor for his opinion or the pharmacist. Only Agyrax® is 30% reimbursed by social security. There are also Homeopathic solutions for testing.

What meal if the child is sick in the car?

► Before departure : “One should not let the child go on an empty stomach, but give him one light and sweet mealrecommends Dr. Edwig Antier. For example, if you go in the morning, prepare one Breakfast based on fruit and yogurt.

► midday, prefer one Slow sugar-based dishes with very little fat (pasta).

► While driving You can give to a child with motion sickness some dry biscuits and now and then some still water.The first thing to do is of course Stop and allow the child to come back to solid ground and take a break of about half an hour” recommends the pediatrician. You can give one Child who vomited a slightly sweet drink.

Lack of sleep increases nausea.

What advice to prevent a child from getting sick in the car?

Before a trip, it is important that the child suffers from motion sickness is rested because the lack of sleep increases the symptoms of nausea.

It is not You don’t have to tell your child to “think about something else” he cannot, he is overcome with nausea and uneasiness until the feeling of imminent malaise comes‘ said the pediatrician.

► Open window. “It is better for the child to feel the coolness on his face“. Renewing the air well is essential, since cramped air promotes nausea.

► Avoid screens in the car: It is necessary avoid asking him to watch a movie : The screen will of course allow the child to think of something else… until the moment they get motion sicknessthe pediatrician recommends.

Instead, suggest that your child does Games that encourage him to check outside regularly : Count the trucks, name all the red objects that are crossed on the way, recognize the brand of the cars.

► Create a calm and relaxed atmosphere is also recommended as stress can increase motion sickness.

If the child is older than 10 yearsshe him dodge forward, Complying with safety standards, with a booster seat and properly fastened seat belt. Anticipate the movements of the car is the best solution to prevent nausea.recommends Dr. Edwig Antier.

“In order to prevent motion sickness in the baby, it is advisable to do so so that it drives backwardsMom or Dad next to him shakes his hand and talks to him‘ advises the pediatrician. Avoid the baby being too hot or exposed to the sun. For this you can stick a tinted film on the window or protect it with clear cloths. When the baby cries, we stop to feed him, give him a bottle or sugar water” She adds.

thanks to dr Edwige Antier, pediatrician and author of the book “Mama of all children in the world”. Memories, Editions de L’archipel, February 2020

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