what revaluation on April 1st?

Family Allowances 2022: Which April 1 reassessment?

[ALLOCATIONS FAMILIALES] The amount of the family allowance is calculated from the household income, the number of children and their age. They will be re-evaluated on April 1st.

[Mise à jour du jeudi 31 mars 2022 à 16h02] Good news for families in this time of inflation. Like many social benefits, family allowances are subject to revaluation on April 1, 2022 after inflation. In the narrower sense, family allowances correspond to financial aid for people with at least two dependent children under the age of 20, depending on income conditions (from the 1st child in the overseas departments). It is common for the term “family allowance” to be misused to refer to other family benefits such as family allowances.

What are the new CAF family allowance amounts? We summarize them for you:

  • 134.46 euros maximum for a couple with two dependent children, previously 131.95 euros.
  • 306.72 euros maximum for a couple with three dependent children.
  • 479 euros maximum for a couple with four dependent children.
  • Per additional child: 172.27 euros

How much is the family allowance?

The amount of family allowance is limited according to the income of the couple. The basic amount for two children varies between EUR 33.62 and EUR 134.46 depending on the income of the couple. For each additional child there is an increase of 43.07 euros to 172.27 euros.

What is family allowance modulation?

The number of dependent children was the only condition for the payment of family allowances until June 2015. Since July 1, 2015, family allowances have been adjusted according to the Social Security Financing Act 2015 depending on income.

What role does the CAF play in the payment of family allowances?

The Family Allowance Fund (CAF) takes care of this Calculate the amount of family allowances based on the income that the beneficiaries have claimed for tax purposes. This body is also responsible for disbursing the allowance to the beneficiaries. The birth benefit is not part of the family allowances.

To enable recipients of family allowances conduct their procedures online, CAF has set up an electronic service on its website to access its personal account. It is easily accessible with their social security number and a password issued upon registration with CAF.

It is also possible to access your personal account through the CAF mobile application.

Who is entitled to family allowance?

To be entitled to family allowance, you only need to have at least two dependent children under the age of 20. It should be noted that children between the ages of 16 and 20 are considered dependent if their net monthly wage does not exceed 78% of the net minimum wage.

What is the upper limit for receiving family allowances?

Resource ceilings were introduced on July 1, 2015 for the payment of family allowances. Here are the caps that apply from January 1 to December 31, 2022 based on 2020 income and the corresponding amounts that apply from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. The income taken into account is that of the taxpayer in his tax return.

Number of dependent children Resources less than… Resources range from… Resources greater than…
2 70 074 € €70,074 and €93,399 93 399 €
3 €75,913 €75,913 and €99,238 99 238 €
4 81 752 € €81,752 and €105,077 105 077 €
Per additional child 5 839 € 5 839 € 5 839 €
Family allowances for 2 children €134.46 €67.23 €33.62
Family allowances for 3 children €306.72 €153.36 €76.69
Per additional child €172.27 €86.14 €43.07

The basis for calculating family allowance is the monthly calculation basis for family allowance (BMAF). This corresponds to an amount fixed by decree, which is revalued once a year in April according to inflation. Family allowances, paid to couples earning less than €70,074 per year in 2021 and who have two dependent children, account for 32% of the BMAF.

Households with a dependent child aged 20 who received family allowances for at least 3 children (including the 20-year-old) in the month before the child’s 20th birthday receive a monthly flat rate (see table above) until the month before 21st birthday of the child.

It is very easy to simulate the amount of family allowances considering the above elements. It should also be noted that the mes-aides.gouv.fr site allows you to estimate the rights to 26 social assistance in a few clicks.

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