What if you become a host family?

“When I opened the door to my home and we welcomed a child, I knew I made the right decision,” says Marie-Pier, ambassador for the Create the spark, were host family recruitment campaign. What if that story was that of new families in the area?

What if you become a host family?

This is what the Integrated Center for Health and Social Services of the University of Mauricie-et-du-Centre-du-Québec (CIUSSS MCQ) offers you, which this morning launched the recruitment campaign Create the spark, were a family. in the company of six ambassadors host families from the region. Catherine Lemay, Assistant Deputy Minister of the General Directorate of Development, Welfare and Youth Protection and National Director of Youth Protection and Geneviève Rioux, President of the Federation of Foster Families and Intermediate Resources du Québec (FFARIQ) were also present on the occasion, as and Katrin Renée, Spokesperson, speaking on behalf of her colleagues who were at the heart of the campaign’s development.

The aim of the Create the Spark, Become a Foster Family campaign is to recruit new families to meet the needs of the region by emphasizing the importance of the role of foster families with children. Interested people are invited to visit the Devenirfamilledaccueil.ca platform.

“Currently, our utilization is between 95% and 98%. The small number of places available poses challenges when it comes to meeting the increasing need for accommodation across the area and ensuring the best possible match between host family and child. Over the next few months we aim to increase the number of places available to meet the growing needs of the most vulnerable children in the region,” explains Gilles Hudon, Vice President and CEO of the CIUSSS MCQ.

Ms. Lemay emphasizes that this campaign is of great importance in the current context, where the need for foster families in Quebec is very high. “Foster families are essential in order to guarantee a life plan for the children cared for by youth protection. More than ever, these benevolent and safe environments, in sufficient numbers and quality, are needed to meet the growing needs of Quebec’s most vulnerable children,” she says.

For her part, Ms Rioux explained that the campaign is important for the members of FFARIQ. “This campaign highlights all the work our families do every day. In order to be able to offer every child a living environment that meets their needs, we need help from new foster families,” says Ms. Rioux.

Families in the region invite you to do the same!

To encourage people to do the same and to welcome local children and young people who need housing, six local host families have agreed to share their stories and tell their story of becoming a host family . Get to know them by visiting the Devenirfamilledaccueil.ca portal. Through their history, you will discover different types of host families. People like you who have decided to change the life of a child.

Feel free to share the campaign and discuss it with those around you. Who knows? You, or someone close to you, can be the person who ignites the spark in a child’s life by becoming a foster family.

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