What if we finally stopped using the phrase “having a miscarriage”?

“Let’s get rid of the term ‘miscarriage’ because nothing is false and everything is true”. Here are the powerful words of dedicated women who decided to break the omerta over this natural phenomenon that is still too taboo and makes us feel guilty in our society.

Every year, 15% of pregnant women worldwide lose their babies before delivery, or 44 miscarriages every minute. So if this event affects so many women, why is it so downplayed in our society? Here’s the collective’s welcome tirade, “Miscarriage, true experience.”

This Sunday, March 27, Judith Aquien, Fanny de Font-Réaulx, Mathilde Lemiesle, Sandra Lorenzo, Anna N’Diaye, Paloma Stefani and other committed women published a column in The world to challenge the taboo of fetal loss.

Eight suggestions

They therefore call for the end to the use of the term ‘miscarriage’, which gives the impression that it is a voluntary act and therefore inflicts guilt on parents. But that’s not all, they are also committed to better awareness and support adapted to each person. Here are the 8 demands of the collective (to be discovered in full here):

  • Setup a national multimedia information campaign in natural termination of pregnancy.
  • Setup a 100% paid work stoppage at least 3 days for women and their spouses who have endured this ordeal.
  • hospital budget increased to allow better management of natural abortions, as well as an increase in staff and the creation of dedicated places in the maternity ward.
  • founding of Training for midwives and gynaecologistsinvolving expert patients to provide better medical care to women who have lost their babies.
  • Integration into SVT programs and sex education classesfrom middle school, lessons on natural abortions (causes and manifestations).
  • Provision of a Brochure on natural abortions in all maternity wards, PMIs and general practitioner, midwifery and gynecological practices, for women and their families.
  • Offer the opportunity a psychological aftercare reimbursed that patients and their spouses help them get through this event and calmly consider a future pregnancy.
  • Creation of a green number for women and their spouses during natural abortion.

Excerpts from the forum:

“We have all been confronted with the omerta related to miscarriage. To this violent and insidious silence. Together we decide to fight against this isolation and to break this taboo. Miscarriage is a societal issue, a potential stage of motherhood that shouldn’t be hidden. Let’s see it.”

“By the way, let’s start with the words. No more “having a miscarriage” expression that instills guilt and invisibility. Because nothing is false and everything is true. Because we “don’t cause miscarriages,” we suffer them. And that words weigh down our minds, dictate our thoughts, and influence our actions. Let’s talk about “natural abortion”. Because that’s what it’s all about and that’s what we experience in our bodies.”

“A natural termination of pregnancy is still too often confronted with a doctor who tells us the event is ‘banal’ without recognizing its absolute uniqueness, that ‘nature is well done’ and who sends us home with no explanation or follow-up to stop the ejection of our embryo to the toilet.

To read the entire forum go here and to sign the petition it’s here.

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