What are we waiting for to read the Bible as a family?

Is There an Age for Reading the Bible?

You should never “read” the Bible, dare I say… In any case, you should not just read it with your eyes, but say it, see it, hear it. The Sinai, for example, is a desert with two faces: sometimes stone, sometimes sand. It is very beautiful, very colorful (yellow, ocher, pink, sometimes even dark red), especially at sunset. Likewise, we must listen for days to the rain that falls during the Deluge. The sea level rises until the continents disappear… The Bible is interwoven with images and sounds.

How should parents proceed?

Parents should not hesitate to read it to children. That should be the only story they are told! The little ones understand very well things that we are sometimes reluctant to explain to them. The Holy Spirit does the rest. The Bible is the context of our life, our source. Scripture contains a human and theological truth, it is the mystery of our existence. We Christians should know the Bible from A to Z. When we hear a text let it bring everyone else out!

Jesus has a central place in the “story” told to children?

Jesus is inserted into his world, into his Jewish culture, into his history. He speaks to an audience inhabited by it, which is not the case with us. When He hints at it, everyone understands. Unfortunately, we don’t always understand them. I believe we make many mistakes when we approach the New Testament without bothering to seek its roots in the Old.

When we know the history of the Hebrew people and know that Jesus is one of them, we understand what was new and what he had that was scandalous to his contemporaries. It seemed very important to me to present to the children and to us the great project of God in which Abraham and the prophets were involved. Jesus comes to complete this project and we continue it.

Why should we never separate the New from the Old Testament?

It seems to me essential to go back to this long history that has preceded us and will follow us, which is that of a people and not that of an individual. It also teaches us not to be individualistic. Saint Paul says it: We are the body and He is the head. We’ve never seen a head without a body! We are linked! When I start positioning myself in this growing body, I’m no longer an individualist.

The Tower of Babel is the ubiquitous myth in the Bible, like Adam and Eve. Basically, the problem is always the same: believing that we create ourselves, that we don’t need God. Our century does not escape this temptation! We need to be reinserted into a story. But that would mean leaving our individualism and rediscovering the meaning of a people. There is work to be done. »

Why did you dedicate a book to the Bible explained to children?

With this Bible explained, I have not positioned myself as an exegete. My goal is to discover God, to make the purpose of the text heard. First, look not for what it says about man, but for what it says about God. Take Genesis 1 as an example. We are almost certain that this text was written during the exile in Babylon, that is, late in the sixtheCentury before Jesus Christ, at a time when the Jews were confronted with the surrounding idolatry, with a sense of failure: perhaps God has forsaken us and He would be right, for we are great sinners. That would mean that the gods of Babylon are the victors…

The author will fight this temptation and the notion, widespread in Babylon, that creation was made for the sole benefit of the gods, who needed slaves. On the contrary, the author of Genesis tells us that God is good and that he has a project of love for human beings, a project of empowerment. I believe that man is the center of the world for God. God is revealed to us as He is and not as we believe. A God who loves us, who only wants us to be happy.

Unfortunately, I still hear that the God of the Old Testament was a vengeful God. It is wrong ! Ben Sirac wrote in 180 BC. BC: “Do you not know that the widow’s tears run down the cheeks of God?“We can’t soften it. In order for my tears to roll down someone’s cheeks, we have to be really close!

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