What are the risks of flying for a pregnant woman?

Many prohibitions occur during pregnancy. If we immediately think of food, especially cheese or charcuterie, what about transportation? Can you fly while pregnant? What are the risks? We’ll take stock with Anh-Chi Ton, midwife.

Can you fly while pregnant? By when?

It’s entirely possible to travel by plane during most of our pregnancy… But be careful as we approach the term! ” Air travel is generally not prohibited for pregnant womenassures Anh-Chi Ton, midwife. But you have to use your common sense: It is not recommended to fly close to the due date, that is, after 37 weeks of amenorrhea. “. During the third trimester of pregnancy, for example, when traveling by air, complications related to the placenta or diabetes can occur.

If air travel is not prohibited during the first trimester of pregnancy, you should be aware that it can increase certain pregnancy disorders, particularly nausea. In any case, if you have to fly during pregnancy, do not hesitate to consult your gynecologist to make sure there are no contraindications.

The midwife also reminds us that we must consider the course of the pregnancy. If it’s very tiring, maybe it’s better not to travel like this: For example, if you have twin pregnancies, gestational diabetes or a deeply inserted placenta, we strongly advise against flying. If the mother-to-be is being put off from work, boarding a plane is also not very sensible. ».

Can you fly while pregnant? Airline regulations (Air France, Transavia, etc.)

Before you travel by air during pregnancy, find out about the specific regulations of the airlines. In fact, most require a certificate signed by a gynecologist, which ensures that the mother-to-be is not about to give birth and that the happy event is not taking place on the plane. The medical certificate can also justify that there is no risk of premature birth. For more information, do not hesitate to visit the airline websites at the time of booking, where all the information is available.

How long can you fly during pregnancy?

Pay attention to the duration of the flight, which can quickly become exhausting for a pregnant woman. ” A two-hour flight is of course possible. On the other hand, unless prohibited, a 12-hour flight risks becoming extremely uncomfortable for the mother-to-be. », alert Anh-Chi Ton.

Air travel: what are the risks of air travel during pregnancy?

While not prohibited, flying during pregnancy can pose some risks. ” There may be an increased risk of venous thrombosis (phlebitis) due to the pressure on board the device and the seating position. », details of the midwife. The symptoms of a thrombosis are pain in the leg and feelings of warmth and swelling.

Flying during pregnancy: travel advice (compression stockings, nausea, etc.)

To make the flight as comfortable as possible, here are Anh-Chi Ton’s tips:

– It is recommended to wear compression stockings when flying during pregnancy. They make it possible to avoid any risk of thrombosis by promoting blood circulation. It is also advisable to get up and walk regularly during the flight to promote circulation. It is also possible to roll a tennis ball under your foot.

– To avoid nausea, you can take spa phone or doliprane.

– When choosing a seat on the plane, we prefer seats near the emergency exits or on the aisle side, as it is easier to lie down. It is important to find a comfortable position throughout the flight.

And after the birth?

After birth ” There aren’t really any specific studies or regulations, but as with pregnancy, common sense should be usedasks the midwife. There is an increased risk of phlebitis in the first week after childbirth because the blood is easier to clot, especially if the woman has had procedures such as caesarean section, forceps, episiotomy, etc. As a rule, it makes sense to wait six weeks after birth to fly again ».

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