We verified nine statements by Yannick Jadot

THE CHEKING PROCESS – About 5% of voting intentions are attributed to the Green candidate. Le figaro looked at some of his statements and suggestions.

After their success in the European elections, can the ecologists also cause a surprise in the presidential elections? Yannick Jadot, who is credited with around 5% of voting intentions in the polls, is counting on the “strong mobilization” of his troops to ensure his party a good result next Sunday.

But what about the ecologist’s statements and suggestions? As with other presidential candidates Le figaro verified some of Yannick Jadot’s statements. Anthology.

Politics: Does unity make the left strong?

Union, a requirement for access to the Elysée? Last September, Yannick Jadot regretted the split in the left. “If we go there divided, we have no chance of winning. We require a one-time application‘ said the ecologist. A position contested by Fabien Roussel: “Having multiple candidates in a presidential election has never stopped the left from winningassured the PCF candidate. So who is right?

Agriculture: Is organic less subsidised?

Yannick Jadot, advocate of organic farming, was offended last September at the way funds are distributed in France. “France is the only country in Europe where a conventional farmer receives more subsidies than an organic farmer”the candidate then declared and demanded “change farming model“. But was he right?

Energy: Will renewables create more jobs than nuclear?

Against nuclear power, Yannick Jadot made an economic argument in February to justify the development of renewable energy: “Renewable energies create three times more jobs than nuclear energy‘ the ecologist explained. An argument that could already be heard from Benoît Hamon, who pointed out in 2017 that “to Renewable energies create six times more jobs than nuclear energy with the same energy production“. It’s right ?

Education: Shorten holidays to improve student performance?

Should French schoolchildren sacrifice part of their holidays to improve their grades? In mid-March, Yannick Jadot said he did not rule out limiting the length of school holidays if elected, pointing out that “All countries that do better than us in school have fewer school holidays“. Is this observation true? Does France grant more school holidays than its neighbors?

Energy: Renewable energies, a solution to guarantee France’s energy independence?

As an employer, Yannick Jadot also believes that renewable energies are the best solution for ensuring France’s energy independence. “Renewable energies are the only energies of peace, security and independence.”, he said in March. A few days earlier, the candidate had emphasized the need to import uranium to supply nuclear power plants and was outraged by France’s dependence on foreign countries. So, can renewable energy guarantee France’s energy sovereignty?

War in Ukraine: Is Vladimir Putin a “war criminal» ?

Yannick Jadot uses particularly virulent language against the Kremlin’s occupier, qualifying him on several occasions as “war criminal». «Yes, Putin is a dictator and a war criminal‘ he wrote on Twitter in early April. What about legal? Does the killing of civilians fall into the category of “war crimes“, even from”crimes against humanity” or “genocide»? And could Vladimir Putin and Russian leaders be tried in practice?

Education: Do French teachers work 42 hours a week?

While Emmanuel Macron a “Significant increase“to teachers in exchange for assignments”Additionally“Yannick Jadot assured him:”There can be no question of an increase in the workload of teachers. You’re already at 42 hours a week“. Is this number correct?

Renewable Energy: France, EU Fool?

Near Yannick Jadot, hapless EELV primary candidate Sandrine Rousseau was moved by a picture of in FebruaryEconomic alternative particularly lackluster for France. This actually showed the percentage difference between the “Level reached in 2020 [des renouvelables dans la consommation d’énergie finale] compared to the 2009 renewable energy target“. France came last.”If it weren’t for our future, we could almost laugh about it‘ commented Sandrine Rousseau soberly. But what can we think of it?

War in Ukraine: TotalEnergies, “accomplicesof war crimes?

For a few days now, Yannick Jadot has been directly accusing the tricolor giant TotalEnergies of “Accomplice in crimes in Ukraine“. For the candidate, the groupParticipates in increasing Putin’s revenues and financing the war in Ukraine“. A “shamefor France, in his eyes. Does such a status exist in international law? Does it apply to a company rather than a person, and in this case TotalEnergies or any French company operating in Russia?

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