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Improving support for parents of sick children is the objective of MP Paul Christophe’s report, presented to the Prime Minister in April 2022. 35 concrete answers to “clarify the existing shortcomings”.

How can support for parents of sick children be improved? The deputy of the North, Paul Christophe (Agir-Ensemble), presented his committed report to Jean Castex, Prime Minister, and Adrien Taquet, Secretary of State for Children and Families, in early April 2022. This mission was entrusted to him in November 2021 (article in the link below). She aimed for it “Clarifying the existing gaps and identifying the shortcomings, thereby correcting and substantially supplementing the existing support system for these families”. This report will be officially presented at the National Assembly on April 12 at 2:30 p.m., with the support and presence of the Federation Grandir sans Cancer.

35 concrete tracks

In an attempt to overcome these difficulties and “to work on better support in these difficult times”recommends the MP 35 concrete and operational answers in order “to reduce the consequent brakes that make life difficult for these families today”. It intends to continue the proactive approach of the “move towards” B. by better informing parents about their rights, speeding up ongoing procedures and swearing in social workers. It also contains provisions to improve the training of professionals, taking into account the difficulties associated with the distance of hospitals and to expand the circle of beneficiaries of certain services.

Already progress

Some steps have recently been taken in this area. In November 2021, parental leave for private sector workers accompanying a sick or disabled child will be doubled; 310 more days over a period of three years. A month later, Parliament also adopted a text providing for a special two-day leave when a child suffers from a chronic disease or cancer, which is welcomed as progress, albeit limited (article in link below). In the most tragic cases, since May 2020, a general bereavement leave for a child under 25 years of eight days, funded by social security, has been introduced, in addition to employer leave, which has been increased from five to seven days, for a total of fifteen days (Article in link below). Finally, since January 1, 2021, lump-sum euthanasia (Ade) has been paid to families upon the death of a child. but “difficulties remain”explained in November 2021 Jean Castex, who admits it “In addition to personal pain, there are often financial, professional and social constraints.”

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