war in Ukraine. From France, Olga is fighting for the repatriation of six children stranded in the Russian zone

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Olga, surrounded by her family in Loué (Sarthe), hopes to free the children in her care in Ukraine. ©Sable News

It has been almost a week since Olga Lopatkina’s family found refuge in the city Campsite Loué (Sarthe) to escape the horrors war in Ukraine. The relief quickly gives way to worry.

They cannot organize a foster family for orphans in Vouhledar, a city in the east of the country repatriation of six children for whom she is responsible Ukraine.

Children who remain in Mariupol

Paper in hand, the mother of the family took care to write down the entire course of their terrifying adventure. She begins her story by citing a local councilor from Lease who speaks fluent Russian.

Before the beginning of the warShe welcomed nine children with her husband Denys. Six of them took advantage of a stay in one offered by the Ukrainian state sanatorium at Marioupol.

In February 2022 he was informed that the stay could be extended. Olga agrees, far from suspecting what will happen next … Since on February 24 the conflict breaks out between the country and the Russia. “It happened unexpectedly,” says Olga.

“No one did anything”

She calls the sanatorium to arrange for the children to be transported back.

A return had become impossible, 100 km separated us from the place of action and the road had become too dangerous.

Olga then tries to contact all the city services, the various authorities, the governor of the region to request the evacuation. “Nobody did anything,” she laments.

The days pass and the situation becomes more and more tense Marioupol. The evacuation of women and children is announced. The Lopatkins family hopes they will be passed on Zaporojie (Ukrainian city with the largest Nuclear power plant in Europe).

Run away to avoid the bombs

At the same time, there is an urgent need to flee at home in Vouhledar. four kilometers away, A bomb killed four people and ten injured.

The surrounding villages are also bombed. We understood that it might be our turn soon.

On March 6, they set off in their family car, which is currently parked next to their small rental home. Of course they take the direction of Zaporojie hoping to find the six children. Vain.

While she is talking, Olga pauses and looks with her Persian blue eyes at the chosen one who serves as her translator. She wants the information logged.

loss of contact

The family’s journey continues west. Olga loses contact with the children.

On March 7, she receives a call from the organization she relies on as a foster family. “There is an emergency, we have to evacuate Poland‘ we advise him.

The Lopatkins then continue their journey west. Olga fetches her eldest daughter Radmyla in Lutsk (north of Lviv), where she competed in the national boxing championship. “She couldn’t reach the final. »

Slovakia, Germany, then France

Then the family arrives Lviv and are struggling to find accommodation. “The authorities wanted to take care of the women and children but not the men because they have to go to fight. Dionysius, as father of a large family, cannot be mobilized. »

We didn’t want to go too far because we were still waiting for the children, but we were afraid that the authorities would send him to the front.

In case she decides to flee her country, Olga still hopes to mobilize the services of the Ukrainian state or find volunteers who can help her unlock the situation.

They do not manage to leave the country to go there without difficulty Hungary. On March 15, they finally cross the border. Then go to Slovakia then Germany and finally France.

It is thanks to the Ukraine at Le Mans club that the Lopatkins finally find refuge Rented Monday, March 21st.

Taken to the pro-Russian zone

A few days after her arrival, Olga finally receives word from one of the children who was with her Marioupol. In the video, it shows the place they were transported to. Olga recognizes very well, it is the hospital of Donetsk, now a pro-Russian city from which she hails. This destination doesn’t bode well…

As the guardian of these children, Olga is the only person authorized to pick them up.

The services explained to me that there were no other means.

“They hung up on me”

For fear of returning under the bombsthe mother of the family asks the “Children’s Welfare Office” for transport Rostov-on-Dona Russian city, is 200 km away Donetsk. The city is a sister city Le Manswhich might make it easier repatriation.

I called the Russian consulate. When I said I was Ukrainian they hung up… And if it’s the Ukrainian consulate you have to call back every hour…

Find a job to bring her back

The only solution given to him: file a complaint against his country for child abduction

Now she wants to quickly find work in France to raise money. The goal? Pay for your trip Ukrainebut also the seven return tickets to France.

Here I am.

The Mayor of RentedAnthony Mussard, at the last borough council meeting, pointed out that a neighboring company, in Brulonwould be interviewing this week at Ukrainian refugees.

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