War in Ukraine: A family fled the bombings and found refuge in Sainte-Croix-du-Mont

Elisabeth and her mother with Jean-Paul Populu de la Forge of the Rotary Club and younger Ukrainian brother in the background.
Elisabeth and her mother with Jean-Paul Populu de la Forge of the Rotary Club and younger Ukrainian brother in the background. (© The Republican)

Arriving on March 18th in Sainte-Croix-du-Mont (Gironde), near Langon, a young Ukrainian woman is housed, accompanied by her mother and younger brother an apartment kindly borrowed from a resident the community, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Another young Ukrainian, who came alone, shares this family’s accommodation. Three new people are expected in town very soon.

“My father stayed in Ukraine like my husband”

« The Cadillac & Garonne Rotary Club and the Bazas Rotary Club are at the origin of this humanitarian initiative, emphasizes President Jean-Paul Populu de la Forge. We receive help from Bordeaux Association Ukraine Friendship. We negotiate directly with Ukraine through this body in order to provide the best possible support for refugees. »

Arrival in South Gironde, Elisabeth (Elizabeth in Ukrainian) does not want to stand idly by. She has the possibility to telework with her country e.g Drug delivery campaign to the front and to hospitals in Ukraine.

“There are a lot of sick children who need medicine,” she says.

With his mother and younger brother, they are from the Kyiv region, the capital.

“I left my husband there. My mother and brother are from Borispol, which is 16 km southeast of Kyiv. Like my husband, my father stayed in Ukraine. We need men in my country to fight. »

Elizabeth Ukrainian refugee

The young woman also says that “her younger brother at 17 had reached the age limit to leave Ukraine because men from 18 years of age are drafted into the war”. “What will happen when he turns 18? “, She is worried.

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The other young Ukrainian, 31 years old, shares her accommodation. she comes out‘Irpin, a town located 10 km southwest of Kyivdevastated by the bombing.

Life has become impossible there and its inhabitants are fleeing little by little. “What is happening to us is really sad, but Ukraine is a strong nation and we will win. I hope to come back soon,” adds Elisabeth bravely.

The arrival of three more Ukrainians

Two women who left their husbands in Ukraine and a 9-year-old boy will soon arrive in Sainte-Croix-du-Mont.

These three people will be accommodated in another apartment, also rented out by the same Montécrucien already mentioned above. ” With the Rotary Club of Bazas and friendship with Ukraine, explains Jean-Paul Populu de la Forge, we have found a Ukrainian who has been living in Bordeaux for a long time. She will give French lessons to our refugees. »

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