Volkswagen: Software 3.0 for the ID family.

A few days ago, Volkswagen presented the new features of its ID software. 3.0 A new version for the entire ID family. Buyers of new vehicles benefit immediately. Owners of vehicles that have already been delivered will receive the majority of the optimizations of this software via update. An update ” above the air carried out in the second quarter of 2022. The market launch of the ID.3 suffered from numerous bugs in the ID software. Today, Volkswagen has put things right and even wants to become a software-focused mobility provider. Version 3.0 brings new features mainly aimed at improving user experience and optimizing loading capacity. With this version, too, the manufacturer is taking a step towards automated driving.

Intelligent driver assistance systems

ID software. 3.0 includes driver assistance systems such as ” Travel Assist with data exchange “. A system that automatically keeps the vehicle in the center of the lane. It can also maintain the distance to the vehicle in front and respect the preset speed limit. With two rear radars and ultrasonic devices that travel assistant keep an eye on the surrounding traffic. From 90 km/h on the motorway, it can actively participate in lane changes when the function is activated. The prerequisite for this is that the sensors have not detected any objects in the area and the capacitive steering wheel can recognize the driver’s hands. The vehicle then automatically steers itself into the desired lane. The driver can still intervene and control the maneuver at any time.

“Park Assist Plus” to make parking easier

Another novelty in version 3.0: parking assistance with « Parking Assistant Plus “. Once activated in the parking menu, the smart assistant can search for a parking space and carry out the appropriate maneuver. This can be done at speeds of up to 40 km/h for parallel parking spaces and up to 20 km/h for walkways. It can also intervene in parking maneuvers that have already started and complete the process. ID models. offer another practical function as an option: “Park Assist Plus with memory function”. The memory function saves up to five different parking manoeuvres, for example when parking in a garage. The driver only has to park once and save the parking process. The vehicle can then repeat the maneuver autonomously. The driver only has to monitor the process.

Innovations on screens

Version 3.0 of the ID software. also brings innovations to the screens and the infotainment system. The augmented reality head-up display projects the additional information directly into the windscreen’s field of vision. In addition to displaying the assisted lane change, it displays new symbols such as roundabouts, as well as information about the distance to the destination. In addition, the system now displays warnings for local danger. A service based on Volkswagen’s Car2X technology. Vehicles are directly connected to each other at the local level. This allows them to inform each other about critical traffic problems in real time. Finally, the voice control has been optimized with innovative technology. As a result, voice commands are recognized much faster, which improves user-friendliness and driving comfort.

Improved loading

ID software. 3.0 also offers many advantages when charging the vehicle. Models equipped with a 77 kWh battery can now charge up to 135 kW instead of 125 kW. This at a sufficiently powerful DC fast terminal. On the other hand, improvements in battery thermal management make driving even more economical. Which increases the autonomy of the vehicle, especially in cold weather. Version 3.0 also includes an intelligent route planner. For longer distances, the route planner of the navigation system creates a route with several stops. Charging stops are dynamically evaluated and based on the performance of the charging stations. It is therefore possible for the route planner to suggest two short charging processes at a more powerful station instead of a one-off longer stop at a less powerful station.

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