Visits for children on holiday at Chartres Cathedral

“It’s important to introduce them to history in a pleasant way and it’s a good way to occupy the holidays,” explains Annick, grandmother of José, 8 years old, from Lucé.
What delighted the child was the explanation of “the animals, the figures and the drawings on the stained glass windows”. These details are in fact explained by the guide Véronique des Boscs. “The visit must be fun. We make interactive games,” she explains.

€1.8 million for work on stained glass windows at Chartres Cathedral

These are young children who need to be interested and have their attention captured. To do this, the guide uses various interactive games and questions and answers, with hands reaching for answers.
Valérie stages the children to sketch what it takes to consolidate a vault. The guide also uses costumed figures to describe the different populations of the Middle Ages: from peasants to knights to bishops and pilgrims with their bumblebee (long walking stick).

The spiers of Chartres Cathedral take the spotlight on France 2 this Easter

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Meet the animals

Some characteristic points of the cathedral are mentioned. Its stained glass windows allow the Cathedral to boast of being the building with the most medieval structures.

The figures surprise children, as do the numerous depictions of Mary, the mother of Jesus (represented 170 times). The monumental dimensions amaze you. The shape of the cathedral, as well as the number of animals symbolized, are details that appeal to a young audience.

With these 500 animals on display, in all their forms, the visit for children entitled “meet the animals” takes on all its meaning. To learn something by awakening children’s minds.

This thematic visit may take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:45 p.m. until May 5, 2022 Duration: 1 hour (or more). Price: €6 per person – €5 per person for families of 4 or more. Mandatory reservation.

Thomas Desprez

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