VIDEO. Toulouse: Cheated at Leboncoin, a mother demands justice

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Mahdjouba bought a stolen car through the digital platform. The perpetrators have been identified and must be brought to justice. This mother of five is afraid she won’t get back the €7,500 from the transaction.

Karim and Mahdjouba decided to fight. For this humble couple, parents of five children, returning the license-free car they bought on Leboncoin to its owner is out of the question. These Balma residents have become victims of a scam set up by two nationals of Eastern European countries. It was March 3rd. Karim, another street pro and used to shopping on this digital platform, saw nothing but fire. It has to be said that the fraud duo had prepared their coup well. The day before the sale, the deaf-mute man allegedly stole the vehicle from a friend with the same disability after mugging him at his home, making sure to take all the vehicle documents with him. GDM brand small car is for sale on Leboncoin. “The starting price was 9,000 euros. We negotiated 7,500 euros with the lady,” reports Karim.

Attack on a deaf man in his house

The appointment will be made the next day at 7pm in the Minimes district of Toulouse. “The woman arrived with two small children on bicycles without pedals. She spoke good French. She explained to us that they were selling the vehicle because it was too small for the whole family. That gave us confidence,” says Mahdjouba. Karim, a mechanic, checks the vehicle. Everything seems to be just right. The gray card too. It corresponds to the serial number written on the car’s engine. “In the evening I also checked the security certificate on the internet to see if the vehicle hadn’t been stolen. Everything was ok”, Karim sighs. He hands over the planned sum in cash to the seller couple.

pawn jewellery

The day passes. Despite everything, the truck driver has doubts. “It was my brother-in-law who gave me the tip. He pointed out that such a car with so few kilometers at this price was not normal, that it was worth at least twice as much. »

The couple goes to the police station. The police inform him that the car without a driver’s license was indeed stolen. For Karim, who has lost 6 kg and has been taking antidepressants since the affair began, it is a disaster: “I have a small salary. There is nothing left on the 8th of the month. It is with the rations that we endure. To raise the 7,500 euros we had to borrow from the family, I asked my boss for an advance on my salary and we pawned my wife’s jewelry. We are in a catastrophic economic situation. Especially since the thieves have already spent almost everything. The police informed us that they only found 1200 euros. We were also told that most of the loot had been converted to cryptocurrency. It’s going to be hard to get everything back. That’s why we don’t want to return the car until there’s a court ruling in our favor. »

The trial has been postponed to allow the defendants to prepare their defense. It will take place on April 8 before the Toulouse Criminal Court.

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