VIDEO. In the daily life of the Boibessot, the famous Toulouse family

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6 children, two hairdressers, Audrey and Hervé have a busy everyday life. So much so that the television channel TF1 wanted to follow her activities as a Toulouse entrepreneur. In order to be able to use both the professional and the family side, the couple has a well-established organization. Report from an atypical family.

For the Boibessot family, organization is key. It’s 7 a.m. when the alarm goes off. Hervé is the first to activate. In the quiet of the parental home, the father prepares the food. While he’s in the kitchen, Audrey wakes up her 6 children. Then the day can begin.

Mayeul, Camille, Ebbane, Pia, Foucauld and Hildegarde rise. After the first few minutes of waking up, everything is meticulously organized by Audrey. At the weekend she prepares 5 laundry baskets per child. Inside, she takes off her clothes for a day. “When they get up, the children only have to take the trash can with their clothes inside. They dress themselves. It saves a lot of time,” admits Audrey.

A well defined organization

During this time, Hervé finishes the meals, which are enjoyed by the children at lunchtime. “You are in a school where there is no canteen. Every day I make lunch, which I put in thermos flasks,” he explains. After the various morning preparations, the Boibessots take their time for breakfast.

It’s 7.30 a.m., the family is still enjoying the time together before the sprint continues. Audrey takes care of the elders. Mayeul 8 years, Camille 6 years, Ebbane 5 years and Pia 3 years play in the garden. Hervé takes 2-year-old Foucauld and 1-year-old Hildegarde to the crèche a few meters from the house.

“Maybe we’re not aware of that, but we’re not stressed at all by the speed of our start to the day. By getting organized, we did everything we could to ensure that our children didn’t get into trouble too,” the father continued. At 8:15, after dropping off the two youngest, Hervé takes the eldest to school, a few minutes’ drive from the house. Audrey uses an hour away from the kids to do some chores.

A business to manage

The mother of the family then leaves the house around 9 a.m. She will go to one of the hair salons that the couple recently started. “We two work all day. Should one of our children ever be ill, we have even set up a small relaxation room in our living room. It is important to start a family and also to work,” the mother of the family brings with her.

While Audrey opens the hairdresser in Mazère (Ariège), Hervé takes care of the one in Toulouse. With “In the Name of the Father”, their new sign, they embark “on a project in their own image”. No time to catch your breath, at noon Audrey picks up the two youngest ones from the crèche to eat.

The whole family comes together around 6 p.m. “In the early evening we return home. It is a privilege to be able to have dinner and put our 6 children to bed,” concludes Hervé. In addition to their new hair salons, the Boibessot family has good news to announce: a seventh child will be born before May.

A newspaper that interests the public

A large family with entrepreneurial parents, that’s why the TF1 cameras took an interest in the Boibessots. “Big Families: Living in XXL” is a program that follows the everyday life of older siblings. “We loved having pictures of our kids. These are real memories. What we wanted to emphasize is that you can have a big family and be happy,” says Audrey. The show follows Hervé and Audrey in their living rooms in Toulouse and Mazère, as well as the many family events that the large family will experience on a daily basis. The gender and name of the Toulouse couple’s seventh child are also revealed. The program will be broadcast Monday to Friday from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on channel TF1.

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