Vianney Victim of theft in his car with his baby in, chilling!

Vianney is very close to his fan base on social media. Of course, he talks to Internet users about everything that directly or indirectly affects his career. But he makes sure to confide in more personal elements of his life as well. Aware that his fans are necessarily curious about what makes up his everyday life. Sincere in nature, he’s not the type to keep secrets from you. In interviews or on the web, he says directly what he wants to share with the public or not.

But on this March 21st, it’s a touching story that Vianney shared with his followers on Instagram. The story of a theft in her car while her baby was sleeping inside. But also the story of a man who immediately regrets his actions. Touched by what had just happened to him, Vianney told his fans everything in a short video. and objection bring you this whole thing back

Despite his misfortune, Vianney was very fortunate

Fans of the singer know that he recently became a father. In fact, he himself had shared this very personal information with the public. He also added in passing that he didn’t want to show off his baby or reveal too much about him. And also shows that he knew he could count on the respect of his fans. objection Admit it, Vianney isn’t wrong when it comes to identifying people. And while he has a huge following, he’s not mistaken in thinking they’re benevolent. Since he announced that he will become a father, this is just news to congratulate the singer and his wife, which took place on the Internet. No one complained about not being able to meet the most important new person in the star’s life.

So there was no doubt that this mutual respect encourages Vianney to share more with his audience. And so this March 21st was a very strange story. In fact, it could have been dramatic. For Vianney, for her family and especially for her baby. But it’s in a cheerful tone and with a glowing morale that the singer is covering the event on his Instagram account. In a short video he wrote: “A little story to start the week”, it is the story of a drama that takes place. But this drama will have an unexpected ending that will no doubt make readers smile.objection.

A paradoxical, frightening but comforting story

Vianney returned from several tour dates and spent her day with her family. A day when he thought to recharge his batteries. But he didn’t expect to be facing the worst and best of people within minutes.

“Since today is a day off, we went out with the family. I drove and parked in Paris, there were friends 10 meters away. I parked the car I left open. To tell the truth, there is my little baby sleeping, so I let him sleep. I talk for a few minutes and then come back to the car. », explained the singer. But when he returns to his vehicle, a strange person lurks.

“He was a bit strange, that’s true. Not very clean with him. (…) I ask him if everything is okay. He doesn’t answer me too much. I tell myself he must be embarrassed or shy, I don’t know. I open the car doors and he says, ‘Brother, I’m sorry. I stole everything from your car. Here I give you everything. But it was open, I beg your pardon. »added Vianney.

Surprised by this reversal of the situation, he couldn’t bring himself to keep the story to himself. “It just means something. There is still light in everyone, friends. There is good in everyone. It’s a crazy thing. And I’m sure he didn’t recognize me! I saw it in his eyes. He didn’t know I was a singer. He didn’t see any of it, he just saw a human and began to regret his gesture. »Vianney continued, ending his mishap on a highly positive note. objection I told you, it’s a story likely to have conflicting feelings in those who hear it.

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