Vendée: Permission revoked for a nanny who exposed children to screens

The nanny
The nanny “acknowledged that the children were regularly exposed to television or computer screens.” ©Pixabay

The Administrative Court v nantes an experienced childminder almost firedaizenay, who attacked them Departmental Council of the Vendée on October 29, 2018 in court for revocation of admission.

This childminder was criticized for not providing the “guarantees necessary to place minors in conditions suitable to ensure their physical, mental and emotional development”.

In a judgment just published on January 27, 2022, the Administrative Court of Nantes considers that the department’s complaints about the “inadequate knowledge” of the nanny regarding the care of a sick child or the “never encourage free motor skills” in children not sufficiently “established”.

“On the other hand, she admitted that the children were regularly exposed to television or computer screens, that she rewarded the children who went on the potty with sweets, and that she clapped the children’s hands to teach them not to throw away their toys,” note the judges of Nantes.

“Contradictory” Claims About Toilet Training

“When she claims that exposure to screens is due to parental requests, she does not oppose it and downplays the consequences for children,” the judges said. The patient, who has been practicing since 1990, has also “acknowledged” that the children she greets eat on “a booster seat” that is “not firmly attached” to the chair, she stresses.

Her statements about her “too early” toilet training are also “disjointed,” according to the department: while it’s recommended to do it at 18 months, she did it with a little girl from 13 months.

“The relationship she has with her parents is very intimate and does not allow the creation of a professional reception framework, the complainant also complains about the ‘intrusion’ of the parents who do not respect her,” according to the Administrative Court of Nantes.

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“When she conforms to the wishes of the parents without discussing their merits, even if some are against the well-being and development of the child, and (…) in no way questions her practices and her attitude as a professional early childhood” , the court therefore concludes. “Nor does she have recourse (…) to the help of medico-social staff of the department, with whom relations are often strained. »

“Despite the efforts of the PMI services to support this childminder in the further development of her professional practice, and despite the fact that the latter uses several letters from parents-employers expressing their satisfaction, the (…) Vendée departmental council with the withdrawal of admission has not made any error of assessment,” he concludes.

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