US actor Bruce Willis is retiring due to health reasons, his family has announced

American actor Bruce Willis, 67, suffers from aphasia and is retiring from his career, his family announced on Wednesday March 30. Aphasia is a speech disorder caused by brain injury. “Our beloved Bruce has a number of health issues and was recently diagnosed with aphasia which is affecting his cognitive abilities. Therefore, after careful consideration, Bruce is stepping down from this career that has meant so much to him.”She writes on Instagram to the family of the one who especially starred in her The fifth Element, pulp fiction, Die Hard and Armageddon.

Here is the post from his daughter Rumer Glenn Willis, also signed by the actor’s wife Emma Heming Willis, as well as his ex-wife Demi Moore and daughters Scout, Tallulah, Mabel and Evelyn.

According to American specialists, aphasia often occurs after a stroke or head trauma and prevents the patient from communicating normally. “It can affect your ability to speak, write and understand language, both oral and written.”, explain it. There are different forms of aphasia, more or less severe, but they all affect. The artist’s family did not provide any information about what he is suffering from.

Bruce Willis first distinguished himself with a recurring role on the series in the 1980s moonlight alongside Cybill Shepherd. But it’s the action movie Die Hard (crystal trap) in 1988, which made him an international star as the invincible John McClane. The shaved head and grin had become the actor’s trademark, who reprized the role for two sequels in the 1990s (58 minutes to live and A day in hell), which confirms its notoriety and becomes one of the references of the genre.

Highly sought after in Hollywood, he does a number of major productions, whether classic action films (The Last Samaritan, The Jackal) or crossed with science fiction The Army of the Twelve Monkeyshad convinced the critics, or The fifth Element by Luc Beson. He will also tour with such famous directors as Brian De Palma, Robert Zemeckis, but above all Quentin Tarantino, who will make him play in a boxer when he returns pulp fiction 1994 when he was at the height of his fame.

Also directed by Night Shyamalan, Bruce Willis will make notable appearances with his fantastic thrillers for their darker and more dramatic tone sixth Sense and Unbreakable.

He later continued to tour extensively, but did not have the same success and his fame gradually eroded, despite encroaching on other genres such as comedy (my neighbor the killer in 2000). He signs for two new parts of the saga Die Hard (2007 and 2013), which convinced neither the critics nor the public.

For the past decade, Bruce Willis had not hesitated to poke fun at himself and the clichés plastered on his skin, as in top cops or the second part ofconsumables.

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