UQAR sets up a research chair for environmental education


The rector of the UQAR, François Deschênes, the professor, Geneviève Therriault, and the representative of Desjardins, Renaud Audet.

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The rector of the UQAR, François Deschênes, the professor, Geneviève Therriault, and the representative of Desjardins, Renaud Audet.

The UQAR-Desjardins Research Chair in Environmental Education and Sustainable Development starts its activities. The aim is to work together with the school.

This new research chair will be headed by Geneviève Therriault, Professor of Education at the University of Quebec at Rimouski (UQAR). The aim is to enrich knowledge, develop skills and empower young people to act on environmental issues.

“We are particularly interested in local issues and the promotion of the latest theoretical approaches and methods in research. Our actions will also aim to explore the impact of educational interventions on young people in primary and secondary education,” says Professor Therriault.

Louanne Chabot is a junior high school student at Saint-Jean School in Rimouski. She is convinced that the research chair can help raise young people’s awareness of environmental issues.

“I think it’s a big step. I have always been very interested in the environment and very committed. I think what UQAR does can change things. The environment is a subject we should be talking about more and more. There is another voice that young people who are wrongly not being listened to,” she says.

The work of the chair will allow to develop pedagogical activities in partnership with teachers from schools in the region. They support the professional development of teachers in dealing with environmental issues in schools.

“This new partnership will allow the university to contribute even more to the development of the regions and of Quebec. Young people are particularly aware of the importance of the environment and thanks to the work of the Chair, they can concretely participate in promising initiatives at educational level,” explains the Rector of UQAR, François Deschênes.

“We want to contribute to the development of a society that is more concerned, committed and concerned about environmental issues. We also want to build strong links between the research community and the school community to encourage civic action,” adds Geneviève Therriault.

Desjardins is providing $540,000 in funding over five years to carry out the chair’s work. The UQAR Foundation manages the funds.

“Desjardins has been a partner of UQAR for years. Our commitment to the establishment of the Chair of Environmental Education and Sustainable Development is a further step to educate the generations of tomorrow in the preservation of our planet and the development of a critical and reflective eco-citizenship”, mentions the representative of Desjardins, Renaud Audet.

Several researchers and students of the UQAR in educational sciences as well as in the humanities and natural sciences will be involved in the work of the chair.

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