Up to what age can I use my stroller?

The Story of the Stroller

A condensed version of style and elegance, the stroller! Created in the 19th century, it is directly inspired by the horse-drawn carriage, that four-wheeled car with a removable closed top that was pulled by horses (a type of carriage). Its name comes directly from the town of Landau in der Pfalz, Germany, where it was first made. Strollers, including the famous ones English stroller of the English brand Silver Cross (which they still make today to satisfy the desires of their high-end customers and their fans), have been around for decades but became increasingly rare in the ’70s, finally giving way to the ones we know Leave stroller and use it now. Today we still use the word stroller to refer to strollers that offer babies excellent comfort from birth, as well as the possibility of installing a carrycot, a kind of small bed that looks like a rigid bassinet, on the stroller frame.

Up to what age should the stroller be used?

The stroller is a must for young children, but the comfort of the carrycot is not a luxury, it is a necessity. From birth, sleep is our infant’s primary activity. And he would be wrong not to do it: this “activity” is essential for his good development and well-being. During walks like at home, let baby lie as much as possible and avoid waking him up when he is sleeping, we respect his rhythm. The carrycot is a real crib that is placed on the structure of the stroller, it is recommended up to 6 months. In fact, we give your baby time to be able to hold his head well on his own before placing him in the hammock (seat) of the stroller. If the baby easily rolls over by itself or starts to sit up, we avoid using the carrycot for safety reasons. That means if your stroller is birth approved, that is, if it has a hammock with wraparound edges, soft padding, and if the hammock is angled flat, then you can put baby right in it, even if nothing is the “cocoon” – page replaced by carrycot because it is the key element of the stroller and its comfort.

Do I buy a used stroller?

This question can be asked when you realize that the stroller is an investment (from 250 euros for a first price model) and will only be used for a few months. In fact, baby strollers are very comfortable from birth and offer a very flexible use. But they are also bulky and very often we replace them with a walking stick or a compact stroller to gain lightness and mobility. As a result, many parents part with their almost new stroller with baby bath after only a few months of use with a baby. As with any other used child care equipment purchase, buying a used car can be a good solution. However, it is always better to be careful before buying used and to check the general condition of the stroller and the cleanliness of the textiles yourself, to check that the folding system, the belts and the brakes (the safety elements) work properly, it is strongly recommended not to to have bad experiences.

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