Ukrainian children in Poland: Smile again?

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Poland hosts by far the most Ukrainian refugees. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, more than 2.5 million people crossed the border on the 50th day of the Russian offensive. Including more than 700,000 children. Poles make it their duty to facilitate their integration. But how to give these children the appearance of a normal life? Back from reporting, Agnieszka Kumor, a journalist at RFI, tells us.

In this episode of Message CookiesAgniezska Kumor, explains that schooling for Ukrainian refugee children in Poland is a priority: “ The aim is to regain some semblance of normalcy with everyday school life. The head must be somewhere else than in the war ».

« The integrationAgnieszaka continues, going through the language. In Ukraine, middle and high school students often learn Polish as a second language and in this situation it helps them a lot. In addition, even before the war, many Ukrainian children went to Poland with their parents who came in search of work. These serve as a guide to facilitate communication. ».

The teaching staff also take pride in giving them the best possible welcome: ” The priority for her is to create a space in which the children feel safe. The idea is also to improve their performances. For example, Ukrainian students are generally better at mathematics than Polish students. ».

Culture and theater are also means to make people forget the drama they are going through. ” In Warsaw, for example, theater groups have opened workshops in which Ukrainian and Polish children get to know each other through improvisation. The important thing is to really do it together and not separately. Don’t stigmatize these children, don’t give them refugee labels ».

Agnieszka Kumor also explains that this solidarity and coexistence is self-evident for Poles because of their history, especially during the Second World War: “ When the war started in Ukraine, it immediately touched her “. And to show Ukrainian children that postlude is possible, Agnieszka tells about this initiative of teachers in Warsaw: “TheThe idea came up to visit Warsaw almost as a tourist, telling them: “You see, our city was completely destroyed, like your cities, like the places you come from. But Warsaw was rebuilt, and your cities will be It will take time, but when you return to Ukraine you will be able to say that reconstruction is possible. ».

What also distinguished Agnieszka was the strong resilience of these children. ” They often have a frozen face at first sight, but as soon as they come into contact with other children, they start talking, especially with the little ones, despite the language barrier. They begin to bitch and regain their childlike vitality ».

This integration also contributes to the reconstruction of the parents: ” The teachers I’ve met tell me that children recover from war trauma faster than their parents, as if they wanted to give them something to heal too. ».

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