Ukrainian babies are admitted to crèches for free

The Family Benefits Office has announced that it will cover the cost of childcare for children displaced from Ukraine in 2022 in order to support refugee families.

“Cnaf administrators have approved this free childcare for all children of persons enjoying temporary protection, such as B. Those who fled Ukraine. The cafs bear the costs of their admission directly through the uniform provision of services,” the Federal Family Benefits Fund specified in a press release dated April 5, 2022. This boost in solidarity is primarily aimed at better support and support Support for families who fled Ukraine After their country’s armed conflict with Russia, this free admission to French daycare centers will also allow parents to focus on all the administrative formalities, finding housing, education or work. Babies also have the opportunity to learn the French language better and thrive in a safe and adapted environment.

Kindergartens that want to accept Ukrainian children can “notify their availability of places to the prefect of their department responsible for receiving displaced persons from Ukraine and contact the associations designated by the prefectures to support these families to promote their range of services”, specifies the Cnaf . Childcare facilities are also invited to advertise their range of services on the internet platform.I am committed to Ukraine”.

6,873 Ukrainian students trained in France

On March 31, 6873 must be trained in schools, colleges and high schools French since February 24, according to the Ministry of National Education. 43% of these children attend elementary school, 30% college, 19% kindergarten and 8% high school. Most children enter the institutions in the cities of Nice with 674 children, Versailles (587 children), Grenoble (432 children), Lyon (368 children) and the department of Normandy (368 children).

Admission of Ukrainian children to French schools © Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sport

We are organized for this reception with crisis cells in every rectorate of France”, Jean-Michel Blanquer had indicated this March 15 during a visit to the Jean-Jacques Rousseau elementary school in Épinay-sur-Seine (in Seine-Saint-Denis), accompanied by First Lady Brigitte Macron To enable Ukrainian students to to integrate smoothly and their classmates to understand them better, teachers have access to educational resources to address the situation in Ukraine in the classroom.

In order for Ukrainian students to integrate smoothly and for their classmates to understand them better, Teachers have access to educational resources to address the situation in Ukraine in the classroom. During this visit and through an interpreter, two Ukrainian students aged 8 to 10 said they were “happy to be in this school” and to be able to “play football with the other children their age”. “We have a welcome experience in the children’s languages, in this case Ukrainian, to know where they are, what level they are at, how to welcome them psychologically., added the Minister of National Education, who recalled “how important it is to save children as much as possible from the hardships of war in Ukraine”. Meanwhile, Brigitte Macron had emphasized that children were “welcome” in France. “The French, as always, will welcome you with their hearts (…) We explained to them why and how much we were with them,” said the President’s wife.

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