Ukraine. Story of a family that arrived in the Vendée, “we want to work and live normally”

Oleg and Liubov with their family.
Oleg and Liubov with their united family in Saint-Urbain. ©

that February 24thfirst day of bombing Russian troops are trying to get inUkraineOleg and Liubov left Kyivthe capital, and take only the essentials with you.

Oleg Lavvynenko, 40, and his girlfriend Lyubov Tsapenkova, 36, lived a peaceful life in the Ukrainian capital. Kyiv. “Besides, my first name means ‘love’ in French,” says Liubov in impeccable French.

The couple has two children Elisaveta7 years old and Dennis9 months.

Oleg and Liubov held a carpentry business. “It’s not a very big company, but it’s a nice one family business with few employees. Some stayed in Ukraine,” says Oleg.

In addition to this creative activity, Liubov, a graduate of a bac+5 in Francewas Real estate management consultant.

“We had to go”

On February 24, after the first bombings, they left with Liubov’s sister-in-law Svetlana40 years old, accompanied by her daughter, arina11 years old

All 6 take them Car to roll westin the direction of Lviv. Svetlana leaves her husband on her forehead.

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Arrived at Lviv, the cock is huge. “They were huge cork. We had to wait two days go to Poland. »

In order not to have to wait so long, the family makes their way to the end of the line southwest of the country to join Moldova.

Liubov and his family travel from Moldova Romania. The goal to join France. Liubov knows this country and its language very well. She has some contacts. She knows it’s possible life and from there raise his children“Time to see how things develop in Ukraine”.

In Romaniathey are helped and offered to leave their car leaving. From this city in eastern Romania they take one Airplane until Viennain Austria.

“But in Vienna, the airport is big, we were very tired and emotionally devastated. It wasn’t easy with the baby. »

family misses his connection to Paris. Lyubov cracks. She bursts into tears in the middle of the airport.

“People who saw me crying helped us, they were very nice. They offered us food, money, water… We had a lot of support. »

It’s only the 1is March, after 6 long days of exhausting travel, the Ukrainian family arrives in Paris.

New life in exile

Arrived at Paristhey find refuge with a Which de Lyubov.

“We lived in Paris at 9 o’clock in 70 m²”,

explains Lyubov.

magic of social networks, Christian PouchinAirbnb vacation home owner in Saint Urban offered his accommodation for rent, free of charge for the family ofOleg and Lyubov. “We arrived here (in Saint-Urbain, editor’s note) on March 15,” says Oleg.

“We want to work in order to live freely and raise our children,”

Oleg and Lyubov.
Oleg and Lyubov in Saint-Urbain.
Oleg and Liubov are housed in Saint-Urbain on March 24, 2022 after a long escape from the war. © Etienne Herblot

If we ask them Pair what he Hopenow that their family is safe from the bombs, Oleg and Liubov reply that they want work.

“We just want enough to live free, to be independent, not to bother anyone, not to depend on someone to protect us. We want to be committed to the education of our children. »

Oleg tried to put his Skills and be expertise in the service of a company carpentry. If he can’t find it, he’s ready to start thancar entrepreneur If it is possible.

As for Lyubov (his LinkedIn link is at the bottom of the article). French diplomas from ESSEC Business School give him hope of finding a job related to his in France Skills and be experiencesespecially in real estate business.

As for their hopes for their country, they are sure that they will win the war and that one day theUkraine will regain its freedom. “History and sociology prove it to us, a people that one tries to invade and control always ends up regaining their freedom. 95% of Ukrainians will surely win the war. »

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