Ukraine-Russia war: the journey of Ukrainian children suffering from cancer

  • By Philippa Roxby
  • Health reporter, Poland

Pavlo plays with his mother Lesia.
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Pavlo, who is suffering from bone cancer, was flown to Poland from Ukraine with his mother Lesia.

More than 600 children with cancer have been evacuated from Ukraine to resume life-saving treatment in Europe and North America. The BBC recently spent time at a hotel in Poland that serves as a safe place for families to rest before being transferred for cancer treatment.

18-month-old Pavlo, who is suffering from bone cancer, happily plays with toys after the first leg of his journey.

He is one of many Ukrainian children with cancer who are being examined by an international team of doctors in Poland before being sent abroad for medical treatment – 21 of whom have been sent to the UK.

“I had to go for my son”

Not long ago, Pavlo was a healthy toddler living peacefully with his older sister, mother and father near Lviv, Ukraine.

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