Twenty-eight Ukrainian children are cared for in public schools in Nièvre

Just like the little Nivernais, the Ukrainian children are sorted into schools based on where they live, they are sent to a school, college or high school in their area.

Once in their class, students quickly complete a positional test in Ukrainian upon arrival. They have language, math and reading text. This allows their level to be assessed. “They have a very good level in mathematics,” stresses Laurence Ducreux, Inspector.

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The students then follow their lessons with their classmates as usual. “Teachers are given tools and advice on how to learn,” emphasizes Fabien Rochette, Education Advisor.

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Only students enrolled in high schools using the UPEAA system (Educational Unit for Incoming Allophone Students) benefit from adapted French classes. Nine hours per week for the first degree, twelve for the second degree.

Lack of psychological support?

“But this whole system based on the principle of inclusion already existed and we do it for all foreign children. We know how to do it and we know how to welcome,” stresses Fabien Rochette.

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For Pascale Bertin, teacher and FSU department secretary, there was “an ignition delay”. In the beginning, the teachers had to manage on their own and without any tools.

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“In the more or less full classes, it is difficult to find time for these students. They do the math, but it’s difficult for the rest, they take care…” she breathes. The teacher also complains about the lack of psychological support from the point of view of her union.

In numbers


According to figures communicated on March 31st, 195 refugees arrived in Nièvre, including
51 minors. among them,
39 attended in public or private schools. Not all are educated in France as some continue to complete their Ukrainian courses remotely.


According to the Nièvre Academic Inspectorate on April 6th
28 Refugees had been accommodated in public institutions in Nivernais.
1 In kindergarten,
10 in primary school,
12 in college and
5 at the university. Some come from neighboring departments, notably from Cher, but their branch office is in Nièvre.


In total, the 28 Ukrainian students are distributed
17 public schools and the department has
8th Teachers who are members of Casnav (academic center for the education of newly arrived allophonic children and children of itinerant families and travelers).

Marie Lemaitre

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