Trending TV: From costume lovers to drag queens entertaining kids

(AFP) – Between costumed or canine encounters, romantic reality TV is teeming with extravagant concepts, while youth programs raise awareness of LGBT inclusion. Overview of TV trends presented at the international MIPTV show in Cannes.

– Romantic love… –
– “Action!” – Finding love by interpreting it like in the movies? This is the bet of the British game “Dating like the stars”, in which a contestant can play hot cult cinema scenes with three different suitors under professional conditions. Comedy is also part of it, kneading in good company like in “Ghost” or giving a little spanking worthy of “50 Shades of Grey”.

– Love in the 19th Century – The series ‘The Chronicle of the Bridgertons’ has been emulated on reality TV, where several shows, presented by trending company The Wit, revisit 19th-century romantic love with pomp, locks, costumes and decency revive .

The Italian game “Back to Love” makes contestants addicted to social networks (re)discover the values ​​of good education, romance and gentlemanship, while in Poland “The Palace of Love” challenges six already constituted couples to live their love for a month following 19th-century moral codes – a “sado-maso” test, according to one contestant – to win a jackpot and the title of “perfect couple”.

– …or canines –
Like dog, like master? The French game “Mon chien et moi” (“Dating with dogs”), which is set to appear on a channel of the TF1 group, offers lucky owners of dogs, who are sometimes very pushy, the opportunity to find love with another animal friend to find. . Little trick: the candidates can only choose their suitors based on their dogs, first based on dog profile photos and then during a “dating” between their respective dogs. Whether love will be at the end of the leash remains a feeling for the candidates.

-Gastronomic inequalities-
Media chef Gordon Ramsay is back in action in Fox-aired American cooking game Next Level Chef, which takes on three groups of apprentice cooks with unequal “weapons.” Spread over three floors, teams have a decreasing amount of food and equipment as the floors go. This highest-ranked, best-served mechanism is a hit in the United States, where the show is its best-ever launch of 2022 so far, according to international TV markets specialist Glance.

– Drag Queen Educators –
“Be what you are and love what you are” is the main message of the Canadian show for 2-6 year olds “The Fabulous Show with Fay and Fluffy”, hosted by a famous Toronto drag queen storytelling duo. In a colorful setting halfway between the cabaret and the library, Fay Slift and Fluffy Soufflé read a story in each show, with other characters stepping in to instill benevolence and acceptance of themselves and others.

In a rather kitschy atmosphere, the Quebec drag queen Barbada – music teacher in the city – has been inviting children since the end of March to her show of the same name, consisting of 10 10-minute sections. .

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