Training: The Galileo Group is opening new schools for vocational training in tight sectors

In a report, the CEO of the Galileo Global Education Group challenges presidential candidates on the issue of learning. On this occasion he announced the creation of two schools.

Employability, employability and…employability. This is the credo of the Galileo Global Education Group, a giant of European higher education that educates around 200,000 students in more than 80 locations in 15 countries, from China to Mexico via France. The group, which owns several investment funds (Thétis invest, CPPIB, Montagu Private Equity and BPI France), owns more than fifty schools such as Cours Florent, Paris School of Business or the Penninghen School of Architecture.

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“Education must be at the heart of economic and social policies and requires a transversal approach”, warns a report published this Thursday, April 7, by think tank Terra Nova and Galileo. “What has been done over the past five years is going in a particularly positive direction. We can call it “1 boy 1 solution”, the training structure or the vocational training contract. But it is now necessary for the politicians to tackle a political project.”, adds Marc-François Mignot Mahon, Group CEO. This report, aimed at candidates for the presidential elections, proposes 10 actions, in particular the creation of a universal job and apprenticeship contract for 17-25 year olds, with the aim of reaching 2 million apprentices per year. She also suggests providing more apprenticeship-based training or launching a comprehensive apprenticeship scheme in the health and personal services sectors.

New schools in Mexico and Spain

To reduce labor shortages in certain sectors, Marc-François Mignot Mahon is also banking on new schools. Galileo announces this Thursday, April 7th, the creation and acquisition of new facilities that will train students for jobs in strained sectors. This is the case with certain healthcare professions. “We go where there is a need and where companies have trouble recruiting”explains Marc-François Mignot Mahon, who wants to train one million students a year within five years, of course with the teaching.

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In 2021, Galileo opened a Nursing Training Institute (Ifas), Eva Santé, in the Grand Est, based on learning and digitization of the curriculum. This system will be duplicated in New Aquitaine at the beginning of the next school year. Legal professions will also have a vocational school, Elije, which will open in 2022. Selection is outside Parcoursup, and students have the choice to opt to switch license to master.

Other countries around the world are of interest to the group. For this reason, the latter formalizes the current acquisition of three schools. First Ipeth training physical therapists and nurses in Mexico City, Mexico. But also the art school Tai Escuela Universitaria de Artes in Madrid. Until then, the Galileo group had not really been present in these Spanish-speaking countries. Finally, the Paris School of Technology and Business Business School will soon join the long list of institutions in the international group.

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