Toulouse: The teachers’ unions are active again to denounce the non-representation of absent teachers

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A union teacher takes a stand against the chronic shortage of substitute teachers, describing “the exhaustion of the teams” in the schools.

The non-replacement of absent teachers in the second or first degree has again shaken the educational world in Toulouse and in the department. The FSU-Snuipp, CGT-éducaction, Sud-éducation, Snudi-FO and SE-Unsa unions will call the Toulouse Rectorate this Wednesday, April 13, to discuss a “situation in the schools and an alarming exhaustion of the teams in Haute Garonne”.

The teachers’ unions and the parents’ association of FCPE 31 pupils together denounce “the hiring of contract workers, which is not a solution”, to replace absent teachers.

Hundreds of contractors

It should be remembered that the hiring of contract teachers who do not hold capes or school teacher competitions has become the norm at the Toulouse Academy to make up for the shortage of teachers in many subjects. Especially in the second degree.

Evidenced by the “job dating” recently organized by the rectorate to hire more than a hundred teachers, mostly beginners, who parachuted in front of the students without training. “We had to innovate in terms of recruitment and communication,” declared the Rector of the Academy Mostafa Fourar in these columns on March 23.

“Our goal is to build a recruitment pool to inform our future teachers about the tense sectors, the positions to be filled and the recruitment routes. All this is not always easy for everyone”.

A move that goes wrong

But the measure is not well received within the company. “We demand the urgent creation of all necessary jobs, the hiring of staff in accordance with the statutes and the employment of employees who do not want to jeopardize the learning of thousands of students,” the unions worry, especially for the schools.

The pandemic and its aftermath – still more than 930 Covid-positive staff this week and almost 3,500 students in the academy – cannot explain everything, according to the co-secretaries of the Snuipp-FSU:

“The whole school is affected”

“Today, far beyond the epidemics that are affecting many colleagues, you also have to take into account the exhaustion of the teachers who have been carrying the school at a distance for two years. This pandemic context only adds to a structural difficulty of the much earlier shortage of substitute funds. Many absences are not made up, even though sometimes several teachers are absent from the same school. That’s not acceptable.”

Teachers believe that “the whole school is affected by replacement difficulties: uninsured layoffs when the changing students compete, lack of continuing education…”

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