Toulouse: the mystery of the city that has reorganized the missions of its specialized agents in nurseries

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The education department of the city of Toulouse is trying to convince the specialized agents of the kindergartens (atsem) to reform their mission. A jigsaw puzzle.

It is currently a thorn in the side of the education ministry of the city of Toulouse. Since the announcement of a reorganization of the duties of the area officers specializing in kindergartens (atsem) – more than 800 spread across 145 kindergartens – which will come into effect with the start of the 2022 school year, a wave of concern has hit the profession.

Two weeks apart, on March 25th and April 1st, the anger showed up under the windows of the Capitol. Nearly 800 Atsem, a child-oriented and mostly female profession, took to the streets to protest against a “reform” that makes “mobility on a voluntary basis” a requirement, when it was originally presented as “mandatory”.

“An Atsem at Lesson Time”

In addition, the atsem is assigned “to a single class throughout the school years.” A request that comes from the representatives of the kindergartens, the parents of the students and the teachers. Fruit, as Deputy Mayor Marion Lalane de Laubadère, in charge of school affairs, recalls, “lots of meetings upriver”.

“The presence of an Atsem throughout the lesson is indeed a positive step forward,” affirms Snuipp-FSU 31 teachers’ union co-secretary Marie Gascard. But it is mainly about the 1,607 annual hours imposed by the city. This means that some Atsem work up to 41 hours a week, which poses the problem of hardship, they are in contact with children all day. »

Significant progress

The issue of the 1,607 hours and mobility are all factors that are not very reassuring for the atsem with little seniority, while paradoxically the progress made with the city is almost unanimous in the ranks of the unions.

Recent calls for strikes and demonstrations in Toulouse, emanating from a southern union and the CGT, have only been followed at a distance by the city’s majority unions: FO, CFDT and Unsa, which have recently “stripped” from the union-union after the agreements concluded with the Ministry of Education: “Modified mobility criteria, the increase in the number of agents on the flying pole from 118 to 147, limiting the switch to a large number of animations and the increase in working hours from 35 hours to 38 h 10 ( more days of ARTT) from colleagues who will go to animation”.

The problem of extracurricular time

The extracurricular time is also one of the major upheavals of municipal reform. By gaining being present “throughout class time”, the Atsem in question turns over to other agents labeled “Animation” who are assigned to the school’s associated Leisure Centers (CLAE) and during school holidays.

“What the unions don’t say is that the Atsem are on an eleven-week holiday against reform, or seven weeks before reform,” we explain at the Capitol. But dissatisfaction with the creation of the “Parents UnAnim” collective, which mobilizes around 23 school groups in Toulouse, continues to grow.

The collective “Parents UnAnim” mobilizing 46 schools in Toulouse

It is a letter sent on April 4 to the mayor of Toulouse, Jean-Luc Moudenc, his educational assistant, Marion Lalane de Laubadère, and the district mayor of the Cartoucherie, Bertrand Serp. It is soberly signed by the “Parents UnAnim” collective, which mobilizes 46 schools in Toulouse, in fact 23 school groups, including primary school and kindergarten. “We wanted to send you this open letter to let you know the dissatisfaction of students’ parents about the overall situation of CLAEs in Toulouse public schools,” the collective explains in the preamble of a lengthy letter detailing the parents’ demands. angry students. First and foremost, they demand that the municipality renounce the “reform of the supervisory rates and thus the retention of the current rates”. The mentoring rate ranges from one facilitator for 14 students to one for 18.

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