Top 15 kids toys we wish we had, we’re downright jealous

There are many adult toys that we use to have fun with friends, but it doesn’t quite make us feel like a child. There are iconic toys from our childhood that we no longer use because they have become too simple, too fragile for our breasts, or just too expensive to fit into the budget. The thing is, we miss it a lot and we’re so jealous of the kids who have so many stylish toys.

We miss the badge machines we used when we were 12. It used to be super satisfying to hit the press and hang badges all over the place, but sadly that’s not at all fashionable anymore. Also, the real presses cost a lot more than the ones for kids.

If you’ve ever ridden in an electric 4×4 for kids, it’s because you were a rich kid or your school friends were spoiled. You’d love to have a small electric car to drive around the park, but they’re way too small for you and you already have a Citroën C3 anyway.

Every kid in the world loves playdough, but it’s so much more fun when there are overpriced plastic molds to go with it. You still dream of that Play-Doh ice cream maker, pizzeria or grill you could use to make that stylish playdough, but you know full well that by the time you’re 26, it wouldn’t be fun to use at all. And that’s actually normal.

As a kid, if you had a giant buoy to ride on, you became king of the world. Unfortunately, these things were expensive, inconvenient to transport, and unbearable to inflate. Now that you’re an adult, you could buy yourself an inflatable crocodile or killer whale, but things can get weird fast if you have too much fun with them.

The trampoline is still so cool as an adult, but who knows why, jumping happily at the age of 40 is frowned upon. You may think you don’t care what society thinks and buy a trampoline anyway, but of course affordable trampolines can’t support the weight of an adult who just wants to have fun.

We’ve all had that terrifying moment when we realize we’ve outgrown the bouncy castle at the campsite or the carnival. We all wish there was an adult version that didn’t cost $10,000… Can you imagine the life you would lead with a bouncy castle in your backyard?

It’s always heartbreaking to see your favorite childhood toy perfected. You would love to buy this beyblade arena or playmobil airport but you know you will play it for 5 minutes and you will regret your purchase for 5 days.

The Kapla has been around for 35 years, but the kids never tire of them. Now that grown-up LEGOs are all the rage, the same could happen to Kapla. The problem with Kapla is that it takes up a lot of space and having to break everything to put it away is super frustrating. Kids really do have more patience than adults…

As a child, ironing beads were a real mystery: how can the iron glue the design into a pendant? You recall happy memories from kindergarten and suddenly you want to create magical bead shapes, but you would need to have an iron at home and that’s asking too much.

When we were little we really liked the creative kits that we only used three times a year. We made candles, soaps, chocolates and many other ugly things that our parents forced themselves to show. Today we would like to make pottery again for 25€, but we know very well that our expectations are now too high, we will not be satisfied with plastic materials for 8-year-old children.

To this day I don’t understand at all how Kinetic Sand works. I know there’s a folder or whatever, but for me it stays magical. Growing up, our opinion of this sand went from “fun” to “super satisfying” and I dream of having some in my house just to mix.

A remote control car is beautiful. A drone is really, really cool, but it’s too expensive. In between lies the remote-controlled boat. Imagine landing at the wharfs of your city, landing your boat and letting it sail on the river… Trouble is, being a grown-up alone with their remote-controlled boat is a bit strange.

We’re not really kids who have a telescope we’re jealous of, we just want to settle for a $50 telescope and feel like it’s just a magnifying glass to see really well. Since a real telescope costs several organs, we kindly refrain from the idea.

It’s great to see ants creating their little galleries, you almost want to buy the kit. But obviously we’ll never do it because it’s downright cruel.

Don’t give up, you know you won’t perform any of these miracles. On the other hand, you can play with the children’s toys that you give your nephews and nieces for Christmas, they will surely need help to assemble their race track.

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