Top 10 kids outfits that we would love to wear as adults

But when did we decide that what’s practical and cute is reserved for our kids? Okay not to have the butter, the silver of the butter and the 06 of the creamer, but can we please agree on some salted butter on our sandwiches? Understand this: children’s clothes look far too comfortable, practical and on top of that they look pretty. So why not become a kid fashion addict as an adult?

1. The gloves tied together by a string and dangling at the end of the sleeves of the coat

If you’ve never lost a glove in your life, raise your hand. No kidding what is the guy who said to himself: after 10 years we stop with the practical cord that connects the two gloves and assume that it is this ball that has 7 gloves of 7 different colors and models Has? And then we will write how-to articles for you so you don’t lose your gloves, congratulations.

2. Full crotch snaps

Because the jumpsuit we agree is beautiful, stylish, chic and doesn’t take much effort to put on, but you still end up naked on the toilet. Although that with snaps in the crotch is a different story! On the other hand, beware, we said well: snaps. And above all, don’t scratch. In that case, you can apply straight to the next Magic Mike sequel and for goodness sake leave your kids out.

3. Hats with ears, eyes, smiles and everything else

Let’s be honest: if everyone wore this kind of hat, there would just be a lot less war on earth.

4. The poncho or bathrobe

It’s simply the best invention in the world. That moment on the beach where you’re holding your towel with one hand and trying to remove your bathing suit with the other while everyone else on the beach is holding their breath, waiting for the dreaded accident. Well, none of that would ever happen with a good, cute, hooded beach cloak.

5. Shoes that make light

It would be a bit like watching the beginning of the “Billie Jean” music video the whole time, except the light isn’t coming directly from us, it’s the tiles glowing under our feet. Can you imagine how much confidence these types of shoes can inspire? Questioning the feeling of omnipotence, we are literally at the limit.

6. The pilot’s suit, also known as the real Bibendum coat

So yes, skiers have been vaguely trying to copy the trick and we applaud their efforts, but honestly we’re still a long way from the goal. The real pilot suit covers you from head to toe, that is to say from the hood to the small slippers attached to the rest of the suit, with what do we give you a thousand? A snap of course!

7. Colorful patterns that don’t really match

Stripes on top, big polka dots on bottom, purple elephants on arms, green penguins on legs: Weirdly enough, we’ve never heard Cristina Cordula bring back her strawberry over infant and child fashion faux pas. So what if she thought about not breaking them for a while, us adults?

8. The everyday disguise

Yes, we’re getting back to that confidence story because we too would like to come to the office dressed as a tiger on Monday, a snow queen on Tuesday, a mermaid on Wednesday, a dragonfly on Thursday and Friday – Casual Friday obliges – we’d just do it with just one witch hat and a magic wand. Anyway, we would score loads of points for every powerpoint presentation in the meeting room!

9. Sleeping bag / sleeping bag

Can you dream of a better sleeping companion? It’s soft, fluffy and, unlike a sleeping bag, has two holes so you can put your arms through and fidget around in peace all night without the risk of shivering at 3am because the duvet got messed up. The sleeping bag is to the night what salted butter is to frying: unsalted butter is fine too, but admit that the Guérande salt crystals add a much tastier touch to your breakfast (yes, we do like breakfast, so what ?). Call you can send your adult sleeping bag to the Topito editorial office address, for a person 1.70 m tall, thank you!

10. The winged umbrella

So no, we don’t do ear repairs! But admit that we still feel a lot better under a red ladybug umbrella with black dots and big protruding eyes than under a silly black umbrella, to avoid having the umbrella face the pinpin with the same idiot black umbrella ins eye stings…

Are you ready to completely overhaul your wardrobe and free yourself from the dictates of the adult world? We await your mismatched photos with winged hoods, snap crotch and everything else!

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