Too many screens for kids and not enough sports, Coco will help you

Parisian startup Dynseo, which specializes in developing brain training applications, particularly for those affected by Alzheimer’s, has taken up the fight against child screen abuse by developing new features for its educational game app Coco.

Available on the Apple Store and Google Play platforms, the Coco application since October 2021 offers more than 30 educational games to work on French, mathematics, logic, memory and attention. Now she offers the sports break with COCO.

According to the developers, the principle of this application is simple: after 15 minutes of gameplay on the screen, the application switches off and instead offers movement exercises suitable for children. This innovative concept is a playful and fun way to get children moving enough to have good physical and mental health.

This application, intended for children from 5 to 10 years old and developed by the two founders of DYNSEO and in particular Justine, mother of two children and therefore primarily concerned, allows them not only to learn through play but also Using screens sensibly and intelligently. Every 15 minutes, the average child’s attention span, the running game crashes and offers the kids to dance, move, mime…” to clear her brain “, state the leaders. The parents are then involved and can determine the exercises that stimulate the children’s motor functions.

And parents appreciate that, especially since it beats parental control, which children often perceive as excessive authority. ” Our children find the COCO application very good because the educational games are already very well done, but also for the regular sports break so that they don’t spend too much time behind the screens. I’m taking a sports break with them, we’re having a great time, Perfect for the holidays ‘ says one mother.

Dubbed the “Educational App Store” thanks to the investment of the educational team behind the development of the project, La pause sport avec Coco was developed by speech therapists, neuropsychologists and occupational therapists with the aim of being accessible to all children, including those with disabilities (autism, DYS – disturbances, etc.). Hence the interest in being able to choose the exercises in advance for the parents. ” Thus, a child will not restrain himself from an activity that is not suited to his abilities. », Indicate Dominique and Justine.

The Coco application is free for the first week by downloading it from the Google Play and IOS stores. For individuals, it then costs €4.99 for 1 month, €14.99 for 3 months and €39.99 for a year. For institutions: from €8 plus VAT per month for the inclusive app. Coco is also used by medical and pedagogical institutes IME, SESSAD, ITEP and by elementary schools.

DYNSEO also envisioned providing a tablet more suitable for children thanks to a simplified user interface. For €158, the child receives a Lenovo M7 tablet, 7 inch, 16 GB and benefits from a one-year subscription to the application and other pre-installed educational applications.

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