Tomorrow is ours: Thaïs Kirby aka Irene is expecting a baby?

What future for Thaïs Kirby in Tomorrow is ours? The actress who plays Irene has kind of disappeared … and fans have an idea.

Is Thais Kirby pregnant? That’s how fans introduce themselves who haven’t seen them in Tomorrow Heard Us for a few days. She therefore answered them in an FAQ. MCETV explains all about it!

A somewhat indiscreet question

Because Irène finds herself in the middle of the chaos in the series. In fact, her husband Cédric cheated on her. But Irene didn’t want to let it get away with it. After confronting Noor, her husband’s lover, she understood that she would never have the last word.

sad, helpless and angry, Irène then completely loses control in Tomorrow is ours. She tries to strangle Noor. And although she put on gloves to hide her crime, she forgot her wedding ring in them.

Betrayed by her ring She finds herself in front of the police then in jail. His family explodes. And since ? Nothing at all. Fans are therefore wondering where Irene has gone… Or rather, what has become of Thaïs Kirby. But the actress wanted to answer them.

“I don’t know where Irene’s escape plans are” the actress confesses during a FAQ she replied to on Instagram. But for now she lived “(his) last broadcast day” in Tomorrow is ours.

The actress still wanted to reassure her fans: No, She did not leave the show permanently. But she doesn’t have dates yet for the rest of the episodes, which will involve her family’s drama. And his desire to get out of prison.

Tomorrow is ours: Thaïs Kirby aka Irene is expecting a baby?
Tomorrow is ours: Thaïs Kirby aka Irene is expecting a baby?

Tomorrow is ours: Why this stop?

But behind this stop, fans suspect a hidden reason: pregnancy. In her FAQ, Thaïs Kirby finds herself with a slightly embarrassing but honest question. And the actress answers without detours, not without insults.

Spoiler: no she is not pregnant. ” No ! I would like to, but no! » So, no, she didn’t give up Tomorrow is ours for a personal reason… Although in her answer we have the feeling that she would have preferred to have answered this question differently.

Small concern for the questioner, a somewhat awkward response from the actress, showing that he has both feet in the bowl. « I gained a little weight, that happens« . An honest answer from an actress who rates herself very highly.

We therefore hope for good news from Thaïs Kirby. Whether it’s a pregnancy or the actress’ return to Tomorrow is ours, we hope she shares it quickly on Insta. Because we can’t leave Irene in prison!

While The series deals with Bart’s problems, who also ends up in prison, Irene wisely waits. But between his will to Definitely out of prisonand her imploding family, she’ll have a lot to deal with…

Whereas the next season of the series As it takes shape, we wonder if Cédric, Irène and Noor will find a way out of their story. But Thaïs Kirby seems ready to return!

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