Tinnitus in pregnancy: symptoms, risks, treatment

Tinnitus is an uncomfortable hearing disorder that can affect anyone. Pregnant women are no exception to the rule, but this type of inconvenience can hide more serious disorders during pregnancy. What are the symptoms of tinnitus? Should I seek counseling if I have tinnitus and am pregnant? We take stock with Emily Cavignaux who is a midwife.

Ringing in the ears, ringing, dizziness… What are the symptoms of tinnitus during pregnancy?

Before speaking directly to pregnant women, it’s important to accurately identify the symptoms of tinnitus. These appear as an unwanted noise in the ears. This noise can be of different types: whistling, buzzing in the ears, hissing, squeaking, roaring, etc. In some cases, the onset of tinnitus can be accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, dizziness or drowsiness.

There are different types of tinnitus: Tinnitus goalswhich come from a real sound made by your body (when you hear your heart beating or blood circulating) that other people can also hear. This is a very rare type of tinnitus (about 5% of tinnitus). The second, more common type of tinnitus is called tinnitus subjective. These are buzzing or whistling sounds only heard by the affected person.

What are the origins and causes of tinnitus in pregnant women?

Although the causes of tinnitus are generally poorly understood, they should not be taken lightly in pregnant women, as Emily Cavignaux explains: “Obviously, tinnitus during pregnancy can be linked to external causes. as a cerumen cap or even overly loud musk, but this hearing disorder can also reveal arterial hypertension, which can have significant consequences for the rest of the pregnancy.”

Hypertension Problems And Signs: Should You Consult For Tinnitus During Pregnancy?

Tinnitus can therefore mean a high blood pressure problem in expectant mothers. High blood pressure can be synonymous with serious pregnancy problems, as Emily Cavignaux explains: “High blood pressure in pregnant women can be associated with the occurrence of Proteins in urine and phosphenes (visual disturbances), the warning sign of preeclampsia. It is a malfunction of the placenta that can lead to stunted growth in the unborn child or even premature birth.”

So if tinnitus shouldn’t be taken lightly, should you see a doctor ASAP? It all depends, explains Emily Cavignaux: “Tension is monitored every time during consultations during pregnancy. If you suffer from tinnitus and have a doctor’s appointment in the next few days, you can wait to see the doctor. On the other hand, if no consultation is planned, it must be consulted quickly”.

In the event that a pregnant woman has tinnitus and it is not hypertension, there are several methods to relieve this annoying phenomenon. listen to musicwhite noise in particular, such as the sound of waves, can help reduce the effects of tinnitus in the ears. Consult an ENT is also recommended because it examines your hearing and identifies possible causes of tinnitus. There are also alternative medicines such as acupuncture and sophrology that can help calm tinnitus.

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